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The comments of crowds

Comments are enabled… but with a twist.

Comments on comments

Examining the results of the comment experiment.


Backing up my position on blog comments with some quotes.

Comments on community

Be careful what you wish for when you’re building social software: not all communities are beneficial.

Further comment

Following up on the comments controversy.


Balancing my time between activism and just being me makes me a complacent zealot.

Testing webmentions

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Parsing webmentions

Hell has frozen over …you can now comment on my site. But there’s a catch.

Ship talk

A distributed online conversation.

Owning my words

My website, my words.

Gotta keep 'em separated

A little while back, Derek Featherstone started a discussion about what he called browser elitism. There were some interesting and very revealing comments.