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Comments on comments

Examining the results of the comment experiment.

Comments on community

Be careful what you wish for when you’re building social software: not all communities are beneficial.

The comments of crowds

Comments are enabled… but with a twist.


Balancing my time between activism and just being me makes me a complacent zealot.


Backing up my position on blog comments with some quotes.

No comment

Paul Haine got in touch with me and asked:

Further comment

Following up on the comments controversy.

10 Commandments of Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

Liveblogging Jeffrey’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

Owning my words

My website, my words.

All of me

Warning: this is going to be meta-writing. I’m going to blog about blogging.

CSS round-up

It’s been a busy week for Cascading StyleSheets.

Still broken

The default behaviour of Internet Explorer’s new version switching is still very, very wrong.

Ship talk

A distributed online conversation.

Word Of The Day

After I wrote my slightly offensive little rant, I was assailed by niggling twinges of doubt. Could it be, I wondered, that I came across as being… a nit-picker? (gasp!)


It’s good to talk about typography. The last few weeks have been particularly good.

Parsing webmentions

Hell has frozen over …you can now comment on my site. But there’s a catch.

Design doing

The opposite of design thinking.

The ghost of browsers past

Delving into old-fashioned parsing rules.

Little Green Hate

I find it interesting that a number of bloggers have been echoing exactly the same sentiments I’ve been feeling about a site called Little Green Footballs.

Responsive enhancement

A responsive refresh of that takes progressive enhancement to the next level.

New Year’s Resolution

Liquid layouts… no, wait, come back!

Name That Script! by Trent Walton

A presentation at An Event Apart Boston 2018.

The W3C Patent Policy

The World Wide Web Consortium has come under a lot of fire recently for burying a proposal that would allow its recommendations to be released under a fee-paying licence.


Frameworks have their place… but that place probably isn’t on the Web.

Everything old is new again

I’ve switch CMSs for this site. It’s still home-rolled.

Misunderstanding markup

The death of XHTML has been greatly exaggerated.

Sign up and log in

Form follows… another form.

Wordridden revisited

Jessica’s site has undergone a transformation.

Dealing with IE

The hacks we shouldn’t have to do.

Regurgitating the chestnut

Andy Clarke has resurrected the always topical issue of fixed width vs. liquid layouts. This is something that also arose on the Brighton New Media mailing list last week.

Ignorance and inspiration

Banishing the moaners and whingers with a healthy dose of amazing videos.

Dealing with IE again

Some clarification.


The default behaviour of Internet Explorer’s new version switching is very, very wrong.

Windows mobile media queries

Solving that pesky Windows Phone 7 problem.

Divination of the DOM

As one year wanes and another waxes, it’s traditional for newspapers, television programmes and websites to post lists. Usually those lists offer a backwards-over-the-shoulder look at the year gone by as they posit the best movies and music of the l

More thoughts on portable social networks

The Web is about distribution, not centralisation.

And debate goes on

Civilised discourse on icons and data formats.

Gotta keep 'em separated

A little while back, Derek Featherstone started a discussion about what he called browser elitism. There were some interesting and very revealing comments.

Told you so

In which I permit myself a moment to gloat about liquid layouts.

Ghost in the Machine Tags

You can now associate Flickr pics with my posts.

DOM Scripting: the website of the book

The countdown begins. I’ve finished writing my book. It’s being hammered into shape at the print foundries as we speak. It should hit the shelves by the middle of September.

Connecting the dots

Whilst trawling through my regular RSS feeds last month, I came across this plea from Min Jung Kim:

That media

Wrapping up the London leg of @media.


Do websites need to sound the same in every screen reader?


HTML5 and ARIA: not so different after all.

Is this a Religious War?

The principles of free (usually democratic) societies are *inclusive* in nature: different faiths, different lifestyles, different value systems coexisting in relative peace. There is generally a seperation of Church and State, as well as freedom of speec

Airline madness

I’ve been comparing air fares recently in anticipation of a possible trip to Ireland.

Responsible Web Components

Extending the wheel, instead of reinventing it.

Even more Attack Of The Clones

Jessica and I went to see Attack of the Clones again today. Here’s my (spoiler-free) review.


The web is not a platform.

Conditionally loading content

Conditional loading is a great technique for responsive designs but we need a better way of communicating between CSS and JavaScript.

Call and response

I love it when the web works like this.

Typing up

Calculating vertical rhythm and horizontal alignment.

How to Think Like a Front-End Developer by Chris Coyier

A presentation at An Event Apart Seattle 2019.

Move Fast and Don’t Break Things by Scott Jehl

A presentation at An Event Apart Seattle 2019.

Will the circle be unjerking - a roundup of this year's roundups of this year

As 2005 draws a close, a blogger’s thoughts inevitably turn to analysing, cataloging, listing and rating all the analysis, catalogues, lists and ratings from the preceding twelve months.


Brian Oberkirch is working overtime.

Open source

The lows are low, but the highs are high.

Fanfare for the common breakpoint

“Common” breakpoints are the new fold.

Content First

Liveblogging Kristina Halvorson at An Event Apart Boston 2009.

GDPR and Google Analytics

Do you have permission for those third-party scripts?

Conditional CSS

The results are in. Here’s what you came up with to solve the problem of conditional loading with CSS.

Thatmedia 2009

A great line-up.

Shaun Inman at The Future Of Web Apps summit

The Wolf talks about minty APIs.

Blooming wit

Yesterday was Bloomsday. I wasn’t in Dublin: I was on stage in Brighton with Salter Cane. Still, I couldn’t let the occasion pass unmarked.

It's a small world after all

I’ve had my iSight for almost a year now but lately it’s been getting a real workout.

Questions for Mobilism

I’m going to be moderating two panel discussions. What should I ask the panelists?

Testing HTML5

A dConstruct workshop reveals some issues with the HTML5 spec.

Testing webmentions

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Back from Austin

The whirlwind that is South by SouthWest is over.

Have t-shirt, will travel

I just finished coding an e-commerce site with Message. The Rapha website, selling cycling apparel, has launched just in time for the Tour de France.

The medium is the short message

The limits of Twitter.

Upcoming webolution has added some nifty new features.


Dustin Diaz has a lot to answer for.

Password unmasking

Borrowing a smart UI feature from Apple.

Digital Deathwatch

Waiting for the deletionist axe to fall.


Optimise for ugly bags of mostly water, not your plastic pal that’s fun to be with.

The tragedy of the commons

Digital destruction courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

Perfect Pitch

In which I lose my DMCA virginity.


Clarifying the problem space of responsive web design. past and present

Design iterations over eight years.

"Goner" Worm

Here’s a fairly neutral report on a new worm that’s doing some damage.


I gave my SkillSwap talk on CSS based design last night. I had been preparing for it for a while which is why my journal entries have been somewhat sporadic of late.

Print stylesheets

Some advice for presenting your content on the printed page.

Natural language hCard

You can use the hCard microformat in plain English sentences.

HTML5 business as usual

Quit yer bitchin’

The ugly American

Paul Graham…. wankah!


Making the case for getting to UX London.

Testing Huffduffer’s sign-up

Luke W. puts his research where his enthusiasm is.


I spoke at Reboot. A written version is now online.

A tipping point for microformats

Something tiny this way comes.


Who knows where the time element goes?

Figuring out

You can quote me on this markup pattern.


I’m back in Arizona after a pleasantly uneventful Alaska Airlines flight.

Spam of the Gods

Greetings, I write you as a humble spacefaring probe…

Tweaking Huffduffer

An oEmbed nip here, a responsive design tuck there.

Sheer tastlessness

This banner ad is shocking for two reasons.

Pursuing semantic value

Agreeing and disagreeing with Divya.

Getting ahead in advertising

My sense of entitlement. Let me show it to you.

Vegas by Southwest

I have good cause to celebrate in Las Vegas and Austin.