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Time and motion

My movements in a year.

Mashing up with microformats

I’ve transcribed the text of the microformats panel I sat in on at South by Southwest.

Back from @media

Much fun was had.

Off to @media

I’m heading to London.


The XTech 2006 conference provided plenty of food for thought.

The ugly American

Paul Graham…. wankah!

Upcoming webolution

Upcoming.org has added some nifty new features.

Design, old and new

A panel at SXSW reminds me of one of the best non-web redesigns of recent times.

Talking about microformats

How a harmless mashup landed me a place on a panel at SXSW.

A proper podcast for South by Southwest 2006

Jason Landry has rolled his own RSS feed for us.

Back from Austin

The whirlwind that is South by SouthWest is over.