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Fun with type

The Clearleft office is a nice place to work. It’s a nice place to hang out generally. That’s by design. We’ve had interior decorators work their magic to come up with a cool set-up.

We’ve got a nice comfy sofa, obligatory Aeron chairs and bespoke desks graced only by shiny Macs. It all makes for a very nice environment in which to sip lattés.

The decorators mentioned something about getting giant letters made for us. Splendid idea, I thought, as did fellow type-fiend, Richard. So we ordered a batch of letters to spell out the company name.

Today we unpacked those letters. They look kind of Eurostile-esque so they’d look good in a space station from a ’70s sci-fi movie. They looked pretty good on our shelves, spelling out Clear Left.

Of course five minutes later we re-arranged them into some more interesting combinations:

The Clearleft Office