Tags: antipattern

Twitter permissions

Don’t be sheeple, tweeple!

The email notification anti-pattern: a response

Hanlon’s Razor in action.

The email notification anti-pattern

Here’s an email I sent to Findings (in response to the many emails I’ve suddenly been getting from them).

Pattern praise

Twitter and Flickr do the right thing, rejecting the password anti-pattern.

OAuthypocrisy and the Passwordpocalypse

The hypocrisy of Twitter’s OAuthcalypse.

Antipatterns for sale

Is it safe?

Anti-pattern recognition

The password anti-pattern refuses to die.

Making contact

Deathwatch for the password anti-pattern.

No fooling

Worst day ever for announcements.

Anti-pattern begone

Google answers my prayers.

The password anti-pattern

It’s time we took a stand: let’s stop teaching people how to be phished.