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Hot topics, transcribed

The transcription of the audio of the panel: hot stuff!


Conferences in the UK.

Topically hot

Am I hot topic or not? I want your suggestions for this year’s @media.


From Web Directions @media to Science Hack Day.


There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring.

Thatmedia 2009

A great line-up.

From Boston to London

Straight from An Event Apart to @media.


Conference are like buses. Here come three at once.


Speaking and travelling.

Thatmedia Ajax

A brain-bending conference wraps up.

Local activity

Brighton to London.

Hot topics transcribed

For your reading and/or listening pleasure.


Some people’s names lie on the lesser side of the 80/20 ratio.

That media

Wrapping up the London leg of @media.

Settling down

Another day, another conference… but this one’s close to home.

@media San Francisco 2007

Raising the standard for talking about standards.

Sliding away

Before I head off for my next presentation, here are some slides I prepared earlier.

The good book

One laptop lid closes, another lid opens.

Back from @media

Much fun was had.

Off to @media

I’m heading to London.