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Responsive enhancement

A responsive refresh of adactio.com that takes progressive enhancement to the next level.


There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring.


Add a memento to the dConstruct time capsule.

Beauty at BarCamp Brighton

My small contribution to an excellent geek gathering.


Arduino hacking is the new Werewolf.

BarCamp ends

Another great event wraps up.

BarCamp continues

Night of the werewolf.

BarCamp begins

The geeks do their thing.

Return to London town

BarCamp London 3: this time it’s personal.

Brighton daze

dConstruct plus BarCamp.


I am dConsiderably nervous and excited.

Wrapping up BarCamp London 2

Day two of the unconference.

Night of the werewolf

A good day at BarCamp descends into a night of slaughter.

BarCamp London 2: The Schedule

Get the line-up in hCalendar.


BarCamp London 2: electric boogaloo.

Werewolves of London

BarCamp London was a scream.

Microformats triple bill

Three microformateers at BarCamp London.

Virtual trainspotting

A mashup of trains and maps blows my mind at Barcamp.

Live from Barcamp London

I spent the day at Barcamp pointing a microphone into people’s faces.

BarCamp London

A slumber party for geeks.