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Taking an online book offline

It’s a book. It’s a progressive web app. It’s HTML5 For Web Designers.

Machine supplying

Book recommendations.

Making things happen

Crazy schemes that just might work.


They’re just restin’.

New edition

The second edition of HTML5 of Web Designers

Metadata markup

So many standards to choose from.

Recently speculative

Some recent sci-fi books I’ve read and recommend.


Poor performance.

100 words 044

Day forty four.

100 words 043

Day forty three.

100 words 030

Day thirty.

100 words 025

Day twenty five.

100 words 005

Day five.

Huffduffing video

Now you can grab the audio from YouTube and Vimeo videos for your huffduffing pleasure.


This post was deleted.

Battle for the planet of the APIs

API shall not kill API.

One moment

Archiving a special mention by the greatest archivist of them all.

HTML5 For Web Designers

The website of the book.


Reading in the sky.


There’s a book I want you to read.

Have Kindle, will travel

I want to love my Kindle, I really do.

DOM Scripting, second edition

My first book has been updated (though not by me).

Home-grown and Delicious

The Pembertonisation of my bookmarks: I’m hosting my own.

Unboxing Apart

That “new book” smell.


Friday on my mind.

The Big Web Show 2: HTML5 Boogaloo

It’s big. It’s on the web. It’s a show. It’s The Big Web Show.

Announcing HTML5 For Web Designers

I’ve only gone and written another bloody book.


In Brighton, no-one can hear you geek out.

Authors On Tour — Live!

For your huffduffing pleasure.


A spoiler-free appraisal of Neal Stephenson’s latest work.

Reading immaterial

Something for your digital bookshelf.

The Invention of Air

The next book by Steven Johnson.

hCard Wizard

Matthew Levine is an overlord of the Lazy Web.


The Mac app from Clearleft that might further the cause of usability testing.


Get your ticket while the server’s up.


Preserving computer history.


Links to pretty pictures of data.


Moving bookmarks.

Facebooked up

So icky.


I got my laptop back just in the nick of time.

Ticked off with Apple

My Macbook sounds like a timebomb.

Feed reading

Trying to find the sweet spot for RSS.

Social networking

Let me count the ways.

The good book

One laptop lid closes, another lid opens.

Hybrid Design and the Beauty of Standards

Hypertext footnotes from my appearances at the Web 2.0 Expo.


A gift from another time and place.

Further flung reading

Links from a keynote.

Print matters

Things to have and to hold.

Announcing Bulletproof Ajax

Begin the countdown to the book launch.

Opera in London

Despite some technical hitches, I gave a pretentious little talk.


I reflect on a design trend possibly started by Apple.

That syncing feeling

I’ve been getting my emails, contacts and calendars in order.