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Forgetting again

The most pernicious of falsehoods is the idea that the internet never forgets.


The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory still holds true.

A map to build by

We need to have a word with the web.

Battle for the planet of the APIs

API shall not kill API.

Slow glass

Other days, other eyes.

To CERN with love



Our collective creativity, no matter how ugly, is worth preserving.

Voice of the Beeb hive

When is an explanation not an explanation?


The difference between being on the web and being archived.

Facing the future

Our civilisation needs to hit Ctrl+S.

Debatable act

Speaking against the Digital Economy Act.

Beautiful truth

I want you to read something.


Three ages of lunacy.

Tears in the rain

All of these moments will be lost in time.

The Death and Life of Geocities

Geocities is no longer here for you to use.

All Our Yesterdays

Opening up Bamboo Juice 2009.

Blast from the past

When rabbit holes become memory holes.


The world of Iain M Banks.

Common people

The wisdom of crowds, congress and Flickr.

Mixed signals

Design isn’t just about eye-candy. Bad design kills.