Tags: dconstruct06

The diversity division

The diversity debate is back.

Melbourne calling

I gave a talk for the Web Standards Group in Melbourne.

Speaking at d.Construct

Happy happy, joy joy.


This is my honour roll: it was an honour to meet these people.

Fables of the dConstruction

A whirlwind weekend of geeky goodness in Brighton.

Simon and Paul

APIs are good for business.

d.Construct travel news

Bloody trains.

d.Construct events

A pre-conference booze-up, a mapping workshop, and a microformats picnic.

Live from Barcamp London

I spent the day at Barcamp pointing a microphone into people’s faces.

dConstructing the network

Microformatted social networking goodness for dConstruct.


Send me an odeo.

September is the coolest month

A month of globe-spanning webucation.

Podcasting d.Construct 2006

I’m making my first foray into the world of podcasting.