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The imitation game

The only way to win is not to play.

Extensible web components

Web components are supposed to extend the web, not replace it.

Class teacher

When abstraction becomes obfuscation.

Backdoor Service Workers

The tragedy of the iframe commons.

Unlabelled search fields

A look at some of the accessibility options.

On the side

My Clearleft colleagues are an inspiration.

Sticky headers

A few things to remember if you’re going to using position:fixed.

The Progressive Web App Dev Summit

A field report from Amsterdam.

Thank you, jQuery

The JavaScript library that led the way.

A wager on the web

What’s the worst that could happen?

A little progress

Some code to show a progress bar for file uploads.

Regressive Web Apps

Killing the web to save it.

A web for everyone

The reality of unevenly-distributed browser features isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.


Pimping my home page at Indie Web Camp Nuremberg.

Accessible progressive disclosure revisited

From buttons to links.

A brief history of the World Wide Web by web developers

The web is a tiny pony.

The web on my phone

How do you solve a problem like Safari?

Accessible progressive disclosure

Using ARIA attributes to power JavaScript functionality.

Moderating EnhanceConf 2016

I had the honour being Master of Ceremonies at the world’s first conference dedicated to progressive enhancement.

Enhance! Conf!

The first conference dedicated to progressive enhancement.

Handling redirects with a Service Worker

A bugfix for Chrome’s errant behaviour.


A little pattern of enhancement.

Service Worker notes

Jotting down some observations.


A CSS fix for sluggish tap responses on mobile.

Pseudo and pseudon’t

Pseu-pseu-pseudo classes

Where to start?

Fallbacks and enhancements are fundamentally different things.

A year of learning

Educating Charlotte.

Home screen

The web is getting progressively enhanced.

AMPed up

First impressions of Google’s RSS killer …no wait, they already killed RSS.

Ice cold in Copenhagen

A trip to Denmark for the Coldfront conference.

Whatever works for you

There are many ways to style a cat.

Building the dConstruct 2015 site

Hats off to Graham.

Video video

Relive Responsive Day Out 3 in the form of moving images

On The Verge

Verging on the ridiculous.


How low can you go?

100 words 095

Day ninety five.

100 words 069

Day sixty nine.


Poor performance.

100 words 058

Day fifty eight.

100 words 051

Day fifty one.

100 words 042

Day forty two.

100 words 039

Day thirty nine.

The shape of Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint

Bringing the conference series to a close with a bang!



Responsible Web Components

Extending the wheel, instead of reinventing it.

Just what is it that you want to do?

Progressive, not regressive, enhancement.

Be progressive

Progressive enhancement, developer convenience, and isomorphic JavaScript.

Polyfills and products

Trying to write long-lasting code when you’re working in an agency.

Code refactoring for America

Committing CSS heresy for more maintainable markup.

A new website for dConstruct 2014

A handsome redesign with a touch of playfulness.

Notes from the edge

Thoughts prompted by the Edge Conference in London.

Brighton workshops

Seb and Remy will be dropping knowledge bombs.

Async, Ajax, and animation

Hijax, Youjax, we all jax for Pjax.


The web is not a platform.

Launching for America

The new Code for America website is live. That was quick!

Climbing Mount Responsive

Three days in Munich.

Pattern sharing

The front-end style guide for Code for America.

Coding for America

Fuck yeah!

Hackfarming Tiny Planner

Hold me closer.

Classy values

Semantics and such.


Applying progressive enhancement to responsive navigation patterns.

A Gov Supreme

A big, big gov.

A dao revisited

Musing on a thirteen year old piece of writing on the web.

Told you so

In which I permit myself a moment to gloat about liquid layouts.

Responsive and Responsible by Scott Jehl

Liveblogging Scott’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

A question of style

The only correct coding style is the one everyone is agreeing to use.

Long time

Why does a decade on the web feel like an epoch?

Dealing with IE again

Some clarification.

Dealing with IE

The hacks we shouldn’t have to do.

The Session

Finally, the Irish music community site gets an overhaul.

Responsive Day Out

Come on down to Brighton on March 1st, 2013. A great day out for £50!

Building Matter

Today is launch day for an exceptionally good project.

Full fathom frontal

A day of front-end fun in Brighton.

Iconic imagery

Responsive images, compressive images, and icon fonts. Take your pick.

How do I convince…?

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

dConstruct optimisation

Tweaking the dConstruct 2012 site for performance.

Left to our own devices

Pop ‘round to the Clearleft office if you want to test a site on our devices.

Fanfare for the common breakpoint

“Common” breakpoints are the new fold.

Conditionally loading content

Conditional loading is a great technique for responsive designs but we need a better way of communicating between CSS and JavaScript.

Responsive questions

Responding to responsiveness, as prompted by MacUser UK magazine.

Sharing pattern libraries

I, for one, welcome our new sharing and caring overlords of markup and CSS.

Image-y nation

A responsive image technique leads to some nostalgia for the early days of web development.

Retreat 4 Geeks 2012

Want to join me on a horse ranch in the Rockies?

Pursuing semantic value

Agreeing and disagreeing with Divya.

Boston Global Scope

This. This is how we should build for the web.


The web is agreement.

The good new days

Everything new is old again.

Jeffrey Zeldman: What Every Web Designer Should Know — A Better You At What You Do

Liveblogging Jeffrey’s opening talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Going Postel

How hash-bang URLs violate the robustness principle.

A brief list of false dichotomies

Liquid vs. fixed has been omitted. We regret the error.


The importance of transparency.

Bite Size Vitamin

Help yourself to a rich serving of web dev resources.