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The imitation game

The only way to win is not to play.

Backdoor Service Workers

The tragedy of the iframe commons.

The Progressive Web App Dev Summit

A field report from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Brighton Amsterdam

Bouncing between the beach and the canal.

Progressive web app store

I’ve got a business proposition for you.

A wager on the web

What’s the worst that could happen?

Regression toward being mean

I need to get better at balance.

Regressive Web Apps

Killing the web to save it.

Home screen

The web is getting progressively enhanced.

AMPed up

First impressions of Google’s RSS killer …no wait, they already killed RSS.

Security for all

I want the web to be delivered over https:// but we might be in for a rough period of transition.


Whither Google Analytics and Do Not Track?

Battle for the planet of the APIs

API shall not kill API.

Slow glass

Other days, other eyes.

When is a link not a link?

When it’s a void.

South by CSS

Talking to the browser makers about vendor prefixes.

Digital Deathwatch

Waiting for the deletionist axe to fall.

Going Postel

How hash-bang URLs violate the robustness principle.


Google’s behaviour.

Burge Pitch Torrent

Even more perfect pitch.

Perfect Pitch

In which I lose my DMCA virginity.


Optimise for ugly bags of mostly water, not your plastic pal that’s fun to be with.


Microformats go marching on. Now with more options.


Moving from the denial phase into anger.

Small world, loosely joined

Surfacing serendipity.

App Engines of Creation

When does web development become systems administration?

Anti-pattern begone

Google answers my prayers.

Closed open data

When is an hCard not an hCard?

Big time

I get back from New York and Google makes a big microformats announcement.

Map games

Look to the skies.

And debate goes on

Civilised discourse on icons and data formats.

When mashups attack

Starring George Clooney.

Adactio Austin

Party like it’s SXSW06