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A brief history of the World Wide Web by web developers

The web is a tiny pony.

The voice of MOL

Chipmunks in space.

Slight return

Delving back into my own chronology.

100 words 084

Day eighty four.

100 words 070

Day seventy.

100 words 055

Day fifty five.

100 words 054

Day fifty four.

100 words 053

Day fifty three.

100 words 052

Day fifty two.

100 words 046

Day forty six.

100 words 040

Day forty.

100 words 037

Day thirty seven.

100 words 035

Day thirty five.

100 words 028

Day twenty eight.


Judicious hope.

100 words 019

Day nineteen.

100 words 016

Day sixteen.

Cerf rocks

Long-term thinking for digital storage.

Ordinary plenty

Preserving the habitual, the banal.


A collaboration between Clearleft and the Wellcome Trust.

Celebrating CSS

Here’s to the next twenty years.

dConstruct 2014

Important. Serious. Rewarding. Inspiring.

Ten years of dConstruct

This year’s event will mark a decade of dConstruct. Don’t miss it.

The tragedy of the commons

Digital destruction courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

9,125 days later

219,000 hours of wonder.

Medieval times

Two German trips in two months.

The ghost of browsers past

Delving into old-fashioned parsing rules.

CERN and the line-mode browser

Two days in geek paradise.


It was twenty years ago today.


A memory of Austin prompted by a readlist of seminal technology papers.

To CERN with love


Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’

Keep them updates scrollin’.

Restoration mirror

The welcome return of The Mirror Project.

How do I convince…?

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.


Happy birthday, Alan.

Pepys out

The end of an internet era.

Of Time and the Network and the Long Bet

Matt has accepted the challenge I threw down in my Webstock talk (which has now been transcribed).


Pausing to give thanks.


Our collective creativity, no matter how ugly, is worth preserving.


Revisiting the origins of the internet.

Voice of the Beeb hive

When is an explanation not an explanation?


The difference between being on the web and being archived.

Hacking History

An excellent weekend spent finding stories within data.

The URI is the thing

My name is Jeremy and I am a URL fetishist.

Hypertext history

A-wwilfing we will go…


Those who forget the past are doomed to take a cab ride.

Tears in the rain

All of these moments will be lost in time.

The Death and Life of Geocities

Geocities is no longer here for you to use.

Blast from the past

When rabbit holes become memory holes.


Preserving computer history.