Tags: language



Defining the damn thang

We must go deeper.

By any other name

Say “web app” One. More. Time!

Pursuing semantic value

Agreeing and disagreeing with Divya.

The Language of the Web

The Breaking Development conference was the perfect platform for discussing all things mobile.

Badge of shame

The W3C embark on a mission to confuse and befuddle.


A spec by any other name would smell as sweet.


Such a little word.

Beautiful truth

I want you to read something.

Dyson ball

When is a ball not a sphere?


Say it with me.

Feedback loopy

Gonna, shonna, wonna.

Reading immaterial

Something for your digital bookshelf.

The L words

Oh, what a difference an Oh makes.

Semantic brevity

Make microformats work with your writing style.


Read it in the voice of the comic book guy from The Simpsons.


Go forth and coin.

A brief word

Abbreviations are written, not spoken.

The language of accessibility

The power of language and semantics.

The ugly American

Paul Graham…. wankah!