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Enhance! Conf!

The first conference dedicated to progressive enhancement.


The power of art.

One day in London

To the capital and back.

100 words 097

Day ninety seven.

100 words 060

Day sixty.

100 words 059

Day fifty nine.

100 words 057

Day fifty seven.

Playing TAG

A meet’n’greet with the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group.

Responsive workshopping

A half-day workshop I did at this year’s UX London.

Device labs

Brighton, London, Malmö…

New day rising

The present is a lumpy batter of the past and the future.

Hacking History

An excellent weekend spent finding stories within data.

Responsive refresh

Giving the UX London site some extra flexibility.


I know kung-fu. Where by kung-fu, I mean scribbling.


Making the case for getting to UX London.

Thatmedia 2009

A great line-up.

From Boston to London

Straight from An Event Apart to @media.


Conference are like buses. Here come three at once.


Speaking and travelling.

The Rise of HTML5

All the cool kids are doing it.

London to Boston

Another day, another conference.

Wrapping up The Future of Web Design

A long day out in London draws to a close.

Iteration and You

Liveblogging a presentation by Daniel Burka at The Future of Web Design.

From Design to Deployment

Liveblogging a presentation by Jon Hicks at The Future of Web Design.

Print is the New Web

Liveblogging a talk by Elliot Jay Stocks at The Future of Web Design.

Photoshop Battle

Liveblogging a Photoshop tennis match at the Future of Web Design.

Getting Your Designs Approved

Liveblogging a presentation from Larissa Meek at the Future of Web Design.

Demo hell

The air gets sucked out of the room at The Future of Web Design.

The User Experience Curve

Liveblogging a talk from Andy Budd at The Future of Web Design in London.

User Experience vs. Brand Experience

Liveblogging a session from Steven Pearce and Andy Clarke at the Future of Web Design.

BarCamp ends

Another great event wraps up.

BarCamp continues

Night of the werewolf.

BarCamp begins

The geeks do their thing.

Return to London town

BarCamp London 3: this time it’s personal.

Microsoft in London

A morning of otherworldly presentations from Steve Balmer and others.

Talking with the BBC about microformats

Sounds like a Billy Bragg album.

The final frontier

Watch the skies.


How a vague idea turned into reality thanks to an amazing team of hackers.

Hacked and slain

Hackday London is over.


The hackclock is ticking.


Hackery, Werewolf and The Doctor.


Thunder and lightning, very very frightening me, Galileo.

Herding Hackcats

Hackday London is underway.

Help me at Hackday

Coming to Hackday this weekend? Here’s my plan.

That media

Wrapping up the London leg of @media.

Settling down

Another day, another conference… but this one’s close to home.

Wrapping up BarCamp London 2

Day two of the unconference.

Night of the werewolf

A good day at BarCamp descends into a night of slaughter.

BarCamp London 2: The Schedule

Get the line-up in hCalendar.


BarCamp London 2: electric boogaloo.

Talking ‘bout microformats

The triple bill of talks went smoothly.

London calling

London yesterday, London tomorrow… I’ve turned into a commuter.

Opera in London

Despite some technical hitches, I gave a pretentious little talk.

Werewolves of London

BarCamp London was a scream.

Microformats triple bill

Three microformateers at BarCamp London.

Virtual trainspotting

A mashup of trains and maps blows my mind at Barcamp.

Live from Barcamp London

I spent the day at Barcamp pointing a microphone into people’s faces.

BarCamp London

A slumber party for geeks.

Off to @media

I’m heading to London.