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I’m sure that by now you’ve already seen the infamous email from Richard Stallman—free software’s own worst enemy—detailing his somewhat eccentric approach to speaking at conferences.

I particularly like the memetic variation of The Stallman Dialogues. There’s a real genius in the way that it quotes passages from the email verbatim.

Y’know, I’m supposed to have a Skype call with Andy sometime next week about my upcoming talk and workshop at Build (tickets are still available for the workshop, by the way). I’m very tempted to channel my inner Stallman for the duration of our conversation.

Meeting that sad animal is not an agreeable surprise.

Eight random things

Beth has tagged me as a participant in a so-called meme which, like so many things on the internet with this label, involves very little . This one is entitled “eight random things about me.” I’ve had a look about me and here are eight random things:

  1. A piece of lego.
  2. The ceiling.
  3. Richard.
  4. Sticky notes.
  5. A bookshelf.
  6. My keyboard.
  7. A pen.
  8. A nice cup of tea.

At this point I’m supposed to pass the baton. I hereby tag you.

Five things you may not know about Jeremy Keith

Cindy tagged me so let’s get this done.

Five things you may not know about me:

  1. My PIN.
  2. The root password for my computer.
  3. Where I put the front door key.
  4. My sexual peccadillos.
  5. What I’ve got in my pocketses.

There. That wasn’t so hard.

I don’t think I’ll tag anyone because everyone else seems to have fundamentally misinterpreted the question.