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The imitation game

The only way to win is not to play.

The Progressive Web App Dev Summit

A field report from Amsterdam.

A wager on the web

What’s the worst that could happen?

The web on my phone

How do you solve a problem like Safari?

Without delay

I’m wrong again …fortunately.


A CSS fix for sluggish tap responses on mobile.

Brighton device lab

You should come by the Clearleft office and test your website on many many devices.

Home screen

The web is getting progressively enhanced.

Double tap delay

That’s 300 milliseconds of my life that I’m never getting back.


The street will find its own uses for this device.

Mobilism hot topics panel

Got questions? Lemme ‘ave ‘em.

Designing for Touch by Josh Clark

Liveblogging Josh’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

It’s a Write/Read Mobile Web by Luke Wroblewski

Liveblogging Luke’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

iOS Six Fix

Finally, a cure for the common bug.


Three lines.

Laboratory conditions

The testlab setup.

Device labs

Brighton, London, Malmö…

Device expansion

Some more device grist for the communal testing mill.

Your local mobile device lab

Opening up the Clearleft device lab has resulted in more devices.

Left to our own devices

Pop ‘round to the Clearleft office if you want to test a site on our devices.

Fanfare for the common breakpoint

“Common” breakpoints are the new fold.


A mobile-first approach to UA-sniffing.

Audio Update

How I wish that conference audio were as widespread of conference video. Speaking of which, I’ve transcribed my talk from the Update conference.

Months and years

Progressively enhancing form fields.


A Christmas letter.

Responsible responsive images

A future-friendly approach to mobile-first responsive design.


The birthplace of the Future Friendly movement.


Smart defaults are important, especially when it comes to server-side sniffing.

Boston Global Scope

This. This is how we should build for the web.

The Language of the Web

The Breaking Development conference was the perfect platform for discussing all things mobile.


Annoying iOS developers for fun and for serious.

Mobilism transcription

A searchable record of the mobile browser panel.

Mobilism browser panel

Hats off to the conference, and hats off to the browser vendors who showed up.

Questioning mobile browsers

Got a question you’d like to ask of Opera, Nokia or RIM? Let me know.


Listen in to a conversation I had about responsive web design.

Ethan Marcotte: The Responsive Designer’s Workflow

Liveblogging Ethan’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Luke Wroblewski: Mobile Web Design Moves

Liveblogging Luke’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Content First

In which I repeatedly hammer home the point that it’s all about the content.

Lazy loading on Huffduffer

Lazy responsiveness or responsive laziness.

Windows mobile media queries

Solving that pesky Windows Phone 7 problem.

Orientation and scale

Attempting to patch a bug in Mobile Safari.


A follow-up on responsive web design.


Clarifying the problem space of responsive web design.

One web

Let’s get together and feel alright.

A brief list of false dichotomies

Liquid vs. fixed has been omitted. We regret the error.


I’m mobile. Fly me.

Microprinter has a posse

Get your hack on.

Automatic eagle

I’m going a long way to test this feature.

Browsers on the Move: The Year in Review, the Year Ahead

Liveblogging a talk by Michael Smith at XTech 2008 in Dublin.

Microformats 1:01—Exporting microformats via bluetooth

A microformats video lasting one minute and one second.

iPhone, uPhone, we all scream for iPhone

Linkage to other people’s thoughts on Apple’s latest gadget.