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100 word 096

Day ninety six.

100 words 084

Day eighty four.

100 words 075

Day seventy five.

100 words 063

Day sixty three.

100 words 061

Day sixty one.

100 words 009

Day nine.

The Session trad tune machine

Hardware hacking for traditional Irish music.


Alt text for sheet music.

That was my jam

Musical comet trails through 2013.

Radio Free Earth

Hazy cosmic jive.

dConstruct music

A short playlist.

August in America, day twenty-five

Chicago, Illinois.

The Session

Finally, the Irish music community site gets an overhaul.


The slow disappearance of a storage medium.

The Lost Lemonworld

Is it not strange that sheep’s guts should hale souls out of men’s bodies?

The sound of song


Bye, bye pride

Missing Grant McLennan.


Music to build websites to.


Who’s on first?

Delivering Sorrow

The new Salter Cane album is available for your listening pleasure.


Sound and vision.


Three ages of lunacy.


Da-da da-daaaa.


A gentle reminder from Last.fm.


Loving the Hazards of Love.

Sound and vision

Data visualisation killed the video star.

Great escaping

Brighton rocks and/or rolls.

Ten songs titles that could be Twitter updates

The kind of list that’s too geeky for McSweeney’s.


MP3 - DRM = good for you and good for me.

The Best Songs I Acquired in 2006 Ever

Following Richard’s lead.

Laid low

Joyous guitar.


Yeah, right.

The waste (memory wastes)

Grant McLennan RIP