Tags: reboot

The Copenhagen Report

Another successful Reboot.


Copenhagen and again and again.

City Hopping

Brighton to Nashville to San Francisco.


Reboot 9.0 is Soylent Green.

Reboot slides

If it’s Thursday, it must be Copenhagen.

The good book

One laptop lid closes, another lid opens.

Podcasts and the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a handy place to store creative commons licensed audio files.

A tipping point for microformats

Something tiny this way comes.


Reboot is over. It was fun.


I spoke at Reboot. A written version is now online.

Reboot 8, day 1, second part

The fun begins as the sun goes down.

Reboot 8, day 1, first part

A quick update from Copenhagen.


I’m off to Denmark for the Reboot conference.