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AMPed up

First impressions of Google’s RSS killer …no wait, they already killed RSS.

Battle for the planet of the APIs

API shall not kill API.

Returning control

To love something, it has to be set free.

My links, my links (my lovely lady links)

A public service announcement for those of you subscribed to my Delicious feed.


The importance of transparency.

App Engines of Creation

When does web development become systems administration?

Feed reading

Trying to find the sweet spot for RSS.

Watching the stream

This life stream idea has legs. Also: why Yahoo Pipes and Ning won’t be duking it out.

Streaming my life away

Squishing RSS feeds together.

Taking back the Web

A grandiose title for a cosy unconference.

A proper podcast for South by Southwest 2006

Jason Landry has rolled his own RSS feed for us.