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Machine supplying

Book recommendations.

The voice of MOL

Chipmunks in space.

The Force Awakens

The inevitable opinion piece on *that* movie.

Far afield

What a day! What a lovely Responsive Field Day!

Recently speculative

Some recent sci-fi books I’ve read and recommend.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: John Willshire

Michael Caine in the Fortress of Solitude.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Chriss Noessel

So much geekiness in one podcast episode.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Ingrid Burrington

Time travel, terminators, and network infrastructure.

100 words 005

Day five.

Star wheels

I have a bad feeling about this.


A collaboration between Clearleft and the Wellcome Trust.


For all its flaws, Interstellar is boldly brilliant.


What I did at Science Hack Day San Francisco.

The telescope in the woods

A trip to the Baldone Schmidt telescope in Latvia.


There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

Connections: Weak Signals

Popping the Connections cherry in style at 68 Middle Street.


Three cities in two weeks.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Today is Ada Lovelace day.

Radio Free Earth

Hazy cosmic jive.

Science Hack Day San Francisco

Getting excited and making things with science in the best possible venue.

The literary operator

A beautiful machine.

CERN and the line-mode browser

Two days in geek paradise.

August in America, day eight

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona.

Slow glass

Other days, other eyes.

A question of time

My answer to a deceptively simple-sounding question.

To CERN with love


Listen to Brighton SF

The audio (and transcript) is available for your listening (and reading) pleasure.


Brighton SF just got even better.

Space by Botwest

A day of robots, science hacks, digital preservation and the new aesthetic.

Who goes there?

From another world.

Speaking, not hacking

I had fun at Build in Belfast but alas, I didn’t make it to Science Hack Day in San Francisco.


I have come here to watch an all-night movie marathon and chew bubblegum. And I am all out of bubblegum.


Going to Belfast.

Improving Reality

Documenting the infinite loop between science fiction and reality in digital art, cinema and gaming.

Days of science and hacking

Want to go to Science Hack Day San Francisco? Organise a Science Hack Day in your town.

Postscript to Space

I miss Arthur C. Clarke.


My project at Science Hack Day San Francisco

Sea change

Oh, the humanity!

Team meme

I’m with Team Sharkjumper.

Making Science Hack Day happen

If I can do it, so can you.


From Web Directions @media to Science Hack Day.

A site for Science Hack Day

A bit of HTML5 and a slap of CSS3 …for science!


There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring.

Spam of the Gods

Greetings, I write you as a humble spacefaring probe…

Science hack space

The Guardian building is the perfect venue.

Science hack date, science hack place

We have a place and a date for Science Hack Day.

Calling all scientists

Your wiki needs you.

Get excited and make things with science

We should have a Science Hack Day.

Past visions of the future

Designing for tomorrow, yesterday.

The Dunbar number of the beast

My invisible friend has a bigger Dunbar number than your invisible friend.

Gillian McKeith is not a doctor

Bless the Bad Science column.