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Taking an online book offline

It’s a book. It’s a progressive web app. It’s HTML5 For Web Designers.

A brief history of the World Wide Web by web developers

The web is a tiny pony.

The web on my phone

How do you solve a problem like Safari?

AMPed up

First impressions of Google’s RSS killer …no wait, they already killed RSS.



Cerf rocks

Long-term thinking for digital storage.


A difference of opinion regarding what the core features of custom elements should be.

Responsible Web Components

Extending the wheel, instead of reinventing it.

Celebrating CSS

Here’s to the next twenty years.

Web Components

Hopes and fears.

Higher standards

Fighting for the web.

Notes from the edge

Thoughts prompted by the Edge Conference in London.


The web is not a platform.

The complexity of HTML

The simplicity of HTML.

Playing TAG

A meet’n’greet with the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group.

Icon fonts, unicode ranges, and IE8’s compatibility mode

A tricksy browser issue raises a dark spectre from the past.

Classy values

Semantics and such.

The ghost of browsers past

Delving into old-fashioned parsing rules.

Double tap delay

That’s 300 milliseconds of my life that I’m never getting back.

Placehold on tight

Getting consistent browser behaviour for the placeholder attribute.

When is a link not a link?

When it’s a void.

The main issue

An email to the HTML working group.

Figuring out

You can quote me on this markup pattern.

The test

What’s the first thing you do?

Dealing with IE again

Some clarification.


Something is happening.

How do I convince…?

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

Secret src

Hammering out the issues around standardising responsive images.

Sharing pattern libraries

I, for one, welcome our new sharing and caring overlords of markup and CSS.

South by CSS

Talking to the browser makers about vendor prefixes.

Prix Fixe

Hyperlinks relating to CSS vendor prefixes.

Pursuing semantic value

Agreeing and disagreeing with Divya.


Who knows where the time element goes?


Putting content first by combining responsive design with the CSS3 flexible box layout module.

Citation needed

Oli Studholme argues for a change in the HTML5 spec …with science!

South by south met

SxSW is Soylent Green.

Three questions

A short Q&A for a magazine.


HTML, with or without the 5, emerges stronger than ever after the confusion of the past few days.

Marklar Malkovich Smurf

Some links from ‘round the web on HTML5, HTML5, and also, HTML5.

Bye, bye 5

HTML5 is dead, long live HTML.

Badge of shame

The W3C embark on a mission to confuse and befuddle.

The design of datalist

Have your combo-box cake and eat your select fallback too.

Landmark roles

Extending the semantics of HTML5 documents with some accessibility hooks.


A spec by any other name would smell as sweet.

The format of The Long Now

Betting on HTML.


Read what Ben Ward has written.

Article of doubt

Once again, the data shows confusion between sections and articles in HTML5.

Next month in HTML5

Join me at one of these locations.

HTML5 business as usual

Quit yer bitchin’

HTML5 watch

All I want for Christmas is a lint tool.

The devil in the details

The HTML5 spec has been updated again.

HTML5 test results

Tabulating the results from a workshop.

Testing HTML5

A dConstruct workshop reveals some issues with the HTML5 spec.

HTML5 and me

My petitions to the makers of markup.

The HTML5 Equilibrium

Inside the troubled mind of HTML5.

Misunderstanding markup

The death of XHTML has been greatly exaggerated.

All Our Yesterdays

Opening up Bamboo Juice 2009.



Vegas by Southwest

I have good cause to celebrate in Las Vegas and Austin.

Fanning the flames

Version targeting again. And again. And again.

Still broken

The default behaviour of Internet Explorer’s new version switching is still very, very wrong.


The default behaviour of Internet Explorer’s new version switching is very, very wrong.

Year zero

Smashing the CSS clock.


Balancing my time between activism and just being me makes me a complacent zealot.

Hybrid Design and the Beauty of Standards

Hypertext footnotes from my appearances at the Web 2.0 Expo.

The unpushed envelope

Isn’t it high time we started using CSS to its fullest?