Tags: tagging




Boolean tag combinations on Huffduffer.

Machine tag browsing

Visualising machine tags on Huffduffer.

Machine-tagging Huffduffer

Hacking Amazon’s API.

Welcome to the machine tag

More Flickr API methods to play with.

Common people

The wisdom of crowds, congress and Flickr.

Machine Tags of Loving Grace

Revish sets the tagging machinery in motion.

Ghost in the Machine Tags

You can now associate Flickr pics with my posts.

Museum piece

A roundup of resources tangentially related to museums and semantics.

Pictorial Ajaxitagging

Now with added Flickry goodness.


I’ve smeared some Ajaxy API calls all over my journal entries.

Mashing up with microformats

I’ve transcribed the text of the microformats panel I sat in on at South by Southwest.

Upcoming webolution

Upcoming.org has added some nifty new features.