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European tour

Three events in three cities.

Mistakes on a plane

In which Comic Book Guy critiques in-flight entertainment.


The power of art.

Slight return

Delving back into my own chronology.

Ice cold in Copenhagen

A trip to Denmark for the Coldfront conference.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Ingrid Burrington

Time travel, terminators, and network infrastructure.

100 words 083

Day eighty three.

100 words 066

Day sixty six.

100 words 059

Day fifty nine.

100 words 029

Day twenty nine.

100 words 026

Day twenty six.

100 words 011

Day eleven.

100 words 005

Day five.

100 words 003

Day three.


I’m going to Japan!

On tour

Thank you, Europe. Next stop, America.

Talking and travelling

Boston to Austin to Baltimore to San Diego.

Climbing Mount Responsive

Three days in Munich.

Workshoppers of the world

Divide and take over.


Three cities in two weeks.

August in America, day twenty-six

Chicago, Illinois.

August in America, day twenty-two

San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois.

August in America, day eight

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona.

August in America, day three

Alexandria, Virginia.

August in America, day two

Calvert County, Maryland.

August in America, day one

Alexandria, Virginia.

The United States of August

Road tripping.

Jets dream

A modest proposal for long-distance air travel.

A question of time

My answer to a deceptively simple-sounding question.

Return to Freiburg

Thanks to Smashing Magazine, I had the chance to revisit my old haunts.


May: The Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada. June: nothing. July: Barcelona and Austin.

The last show of the year

I left my Event Apart in San Francisco.


Reading in the sky.

Bye, bye pride

Missing Grant McLennan.


My travel report.

The Kindle connection

For all the faults with its digital books, this little device is proving its worth.

Zånhae nights


American Odyssey

Brighton to Illinois to Texas to Florida to Oregon to Washington to Brighton.

The long prep

Care to place a wager?

Speaking and moving

From the lowlands of Holland to the coast of California.

Scandinavian sojourn

Keynoting at Drupalcon.


Aural synchronicity on the journey to Londinium.

Virtually speaking

You kind of had to not be there.

South by Twenty Ten

It’s that time of year again.


One Friday in September.


I’m mobile. Fly me.


Speaking and travelling.

Big in Japan

Adventures in the land of the rising sun.


I’m going to Japan.

Chuff Chuff, Huffduff

Podcasts make train journeys bearable.

City Hopping

Brighton to Nashville to San Francisco.


The land of the midnight sun.


North to Alaska.


How Erin and Peter saved South by Southwest.

Siam I am

One week in Thailand.

Thai-ing the knot

Going east.


I’m off to San Francisco. Again.


The year in (p)review.

Return from San Francisco

I had a blast… as always.

Week away

In San Francisco.

Fake tales of San Francisco

The biggest small town in the West.


I’m going to San Francisco.

Time and motion

My movements in a year.

Sydney to Melbourne

It’s time for me to expand my Australian horizons.

d.Construct travel news

Bloody trains.

Helvetican crossing

I’m taking a trip down memory lane, Freiburg, Germany via Basel, Switzerland.