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Unlabelled search fields

A look at some of the accessibility options.

Metadata markup

So many standards to choose from.

Indie web building blocks

Small pieces, loosely stacked.


Replicating my URL structure on Twitter.

Notes from a small website

Posting to Twitter from adactio.com

Battle for the planet of the APIs

API shall not kill API.

Twitter permissions

Don’t be sheeple, tweeple!


Twitter, take your display “requirements” and shove ‘em.


The web is agreement.

The medium is the short message

The limits of Twitter.

Going Postel

How hash-bang URLs violate the robustness principle.

The URI is the thing

My name is Jeremy and I am a URL fetishist.

Pattern praise

Twitter and Flickr do the right thing, rejecting the password anti-pattern.


A transcript courtesy of Twitter.

Continuous partial annoyance

It’s not you, Twitter, it’s me.

OAuthypocrisy and the Passwordpocalypse

The hypocrisy of Twitter’s OAuthcalypse.

Let the right tweet in

Horror and cosiness.


Everybody down.

Small world, loosely joined

Surfacing serendipity.

Antipatterns for sale

Is it safe?

Anti-pattern recognition

The password anti-pattern refuses to die.

Building the Real-time Web

Liveblogging a spontaneous panel from XTech 2008 in Dublin.


It’s the small things that irritate and delight.

Next to Last.fm

A half-baked idea for a mashup.


Epic meme win.

Ten songs titles that could be Twitter updates

The kind of list that’s too geeky for McSweeney’s.

Social networking

Let me count the ways.

South Parking

In which I spend a day in the epicentre of geekdom.

Twitter… again

Even if you don’t like it, let us have our fun.

Buddy icons

I’m a portrait taker, twisted portrait taker.

I’d twit that

Love it or hate it but you’ve got to have an opinion on Twitter.

Whither Twitter?

Why bother? What’s the point?

Life streams and Jaiku

A few of the things I’ve been writing about recently come together.


A hit parade of throwaway remarks.


The minor explosion of a social network.

Streaming my life away

Squishing RSS feeds together.