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Full Meaning Ampersand

Brighton has been positively bursting with excellent events lately.

100 words 043

Day forty three.

Billboards and Novels by Jon Tan

Liveblogging Jon’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.


The UK’s first web typography conference. It rocked.


Five weeks ‘till Brighton goes type mad.

Tweaking Huffduffer

An oEmbed nip here, a responsive design tuck there.


Abbreviations, ampersand cetera


Ligatures from beyond the grave.

Thinking Small

Liveblogging Jason Santa Maria at An Event Apart Boston 2009.

Hyphen Nation

Battling the emdashculation of the internet.


Geeking out on the printing press.

Typing up

Calculating vertical rhythm and horizontal alignment.

Typography at South by Southwest

Type sets the tone.


The film of the typeface.

Fun with type

Juvenile high-jinks in the Clearleft office.

Typographical tip for hCalendar

The en dash is your friend.

Wordridden revisited

Jessica’s site has undergone a transformation.