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Indie Web Camp Brighton 2016

A jolly weekend of talking and making.

European tour

Three events in three cities.

The imitation game

The only way to win is not to play.

Extensible web components

Web components are supposed to extend the web, not replace it.


A few examples of animation on the web.

Class teacher

When abstraction becomes obfuscation.

Save the dates for Indie Web Camp Brighton 2016

September 24th and 25th. Be there and be square.

Backdoor Service Workers

The tragedy of the iframe commons.

Unlabelled search fields

A look at some of the accessibility options.

On the side

My Clearleft colleagues are an inspiration.

Sticky headers

A few things to remember if you’re going to using position:fixed.

The Progressive Web App Dev Summit

A field report from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Brighton Amsterdam

Bouncing between the beach and the canal.

Thank you, jQuery

The JavaScript library that led the way.

Progressive web app store

I’ve got a business proposition for you.

A wager on the web

What’s the worst that could happen?

Taking an online book offline

It’s a book. It’s a progressive web app. It’s HTML5 For Web Designers.

Regression toward being mean

I need to get better at balance.

A little progress

Some code to show a progress bar for file uploads.

Switching to HTTPS on Apache 2.4.7 on Ubuntu 14.04 on Digital Ocean

The super-sexy title is because this stuff tends to be super-specific to the server setup.

Regressive Web Apps

Killing the web to save it.

A web for everyone

The reality of unevenly-distributed browser features isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf

Two years in a row at the excellent Sipgate offices in Düsseldorf.

Conversational interfaces

A history.

Machine supplying

Book recommendations.


Pimping my home page at Indie Web Camp Nuremberg.

Accessible progressive disclosure revisited

From buttons to links.

Mistakes on a plane

In which Comic Book Guy critiques in-flight entertainment.

A brief history of the World Wide Web by web developers

The web is a tiny pony.

The web on my phone

How do you solve a problem like Safari?


They’re just restin’.

Accessible progressive disclosure

Using ARIA attributes to power JavaScript functionality.

Moderating EnhanceConf 2016

I had the honour being Master of Ceremonies at the world’s first conference dedicated to progressive enhancement.

Enhance! Conf!

The first conference dedicated to progressive enhancement.

Handling redirects with a Service Worker

A bugfix for Chrome’s errant behaviour.


A little pattern of enhancement.

Service Worker notes

Jotting down some observations.


The power of art.

One day in London

To the capital and back.

Homebrew header hardening

Step-by-step instructions for more secure response headers on Apache.

Without delay

I’m wrong again …fortunately.

Small lessons, loosely learned

Softly softly, grokky JavaScript.

The Force Awakens

The inevitable opinion piece on *that* movie.


A CSS fix for sluggish tap responses on mobile.

Pseudo and pseudon’t

Pseu-pseu-pseudo classes

Where to start?

Fallbacks and enhancements are fundamentally different things.

A year of learning

Educating Charlotte.

Cache-limiting in Service Workers …again

Trying to figure out which event to use as a trigger.

Cache-limiting in Service Workers

This should work in theory. It doesn’t work in practice.

Brighton device lab

You should come by the Clearleft office and test your website on many many devices.

Full Meaning Ampersand

Brighton has been positively bursting with excellent events lately.

Home screen

The web is getting progressively enhanced.

My first Service Worker

Enhancing my site with the niftiest new technology.


Defeating the inner critic with narrative trickery.


Why is it more nerve-wracking to speak to a small group of people you know than a large group of strangers?

Rosa and Dot

Finding Ada …right here in Brighton.

AMPed up

First impressions of Google’s RSS killer …no wait, they already killed RSS.

Links from a talk

Further reading related to my talk at An Event Apart Austin.

Far afield

What a day! What a lovely Responsive Field Day!

Slight return

Delving back into my own chronology.

Brighton in September

The digital festival is in full swing.

Ice cold in Copenhagen

A trip to Denmark for the Coldfront conference.

Whatever works for you

There are many ways to style a cat.

Building the dConstruct 2015 site

Hats off to Graham.

Recently speculative

Some recent sci-fi books I’ve read and recommend.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Ingrid Burrington

Time travel, terminators, and network infrastructure.

Brighton Homebrew Website Club

Come along to the inaugural meetup in our treehouse.

Video video

Relive Responsive Day Out 3 in the form of moving images

On The Verge

Verging on the ridiculous.

Indie Web Camp Brighton 2015

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend with a lovely group of people.


How low can you go?

Edge words

Talking about progressive enhancement without talking about progressive enhancement.

100 words 097

Day ninety seven.

100 words 095

Day ninety five.

100 words 093

Day ninety three.

What a day out! What a lovely responsive day out!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

100 words 089

Day eighty nine.

100 words 088

Day eighty eight.

100 words 085

Day eighty five.

100 words 083

Day eighty three.

100 words 080

Day eighty.

100 words 078

Day seventy eight.

100 words 074

Day seventy four.

100 words 073

Day seventy three.

Indie Web Camp Brighton 2015

Save the dates: July 11th-12th.

100 words 070

Day seventy.

100 words 069

Day sixty nine.

100 words 067

Day sixty seven.

Web! What is it good for?

Not absolutely nothing, but not absolutely everything either.

100 words 066

Day sixty six.

100 words 065

Day sixty five.

Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Schedule

Oh, what a lovely day!

100 words 062

Day sixty two.

100 words 060

Day sixty.

100 words 059

Day fifty nine.


Poor performance.

100 words 058

Day fifty eight.

Small independent pieces, loosely joined

Lessons learned from Indie Web Camp Germany.

100 words 051

Day fifty one.

100 words 049

Day forty nine.

100 words 044

Day forty four.

100 words 042

Day forty two.

100 words 039

Day thirty nine.

The shape of Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint

Bringing the conference series to a close with a bang!



100 words 032

Day thirty two.

Complete line-up for Responsive Day Out 3

Lyza is speaking! Squee!

100 words 029

Day twenty nine.

100 words 026

Day twenty six.


I put this moment over here.

Forgetting again

The most pernicious of falsehoods is the idea that the internet never forgets.

100 words 019

Day nineteen.

100 words 011

Day eleven.

100 words 010

Day ten.

100 words 009

Day nine.

100 words 005

Day five.

100 words 003

Day three.

Codebar Brighton

Ongoing events in Brighton.

Star wheels

I have a bad feeling about this.

Huffduffing video

Now you can grab the audio from YouTube and Vimeo videos for your huffduffing pleasure.

Responsive Day Out tickets tomorrow

24 hours ‘till tickets go on sale.

Cerf rocks

Long-term thinking for digital storage.

Tickets for the last Responsive Day Out

Get ready to pounce on March 3rd.

Ordinary plenty

Preserving the habitual, the banal.


A difference of opinion regarding what the core features of custom elements should be.

A question of timing

Incrementally improving the perceived performance of Ajax interactions.

Angular momentum

Assume a perfectly spherical web browser…

Lining up Responsive Day Out 3

Two-thirds of the way there.


I’m going to Japan!

Events in 2015

Keep June 19th free in your diary.

Responsible Web Components

Extending the wheel, instead of reinventing it.


A collaboration between Clearleft and the Wellcome Trust.

Commons People

The tragicomedy of the creative commons.


What the web is(n’t).

Just what is it that you want to do?

Progressive, not regressive, enhancement.

Be progressive

Progressive enhancement, developer convenience, and isomorphic JavaScript.

Stupid brain

Brain betrayal in Brooklyn.


What I did at Science Hack Day San Francisco.

Polyfills and products

Trying to write long-lasting code when you’re working in an agency.

On tour

Thank you, Europe. Next stop, America.

Other days, other voices

The power of the spoken word, recorded.

Indie Web Camp UK 2014

A productive weekend.

Web Components

Hopes and fears.

This week in Brighton

Reasons To Be Creative, Dots, Improving Reality, Indie Web Camp, Maker Faire, Laser Synths, and of course, dConstruct.

Anab Jain at dConstruct

The line-up for this year’s dConstruct just gets better and better.

Code refactoring for America

Committing CSS heresy for more maintainable markup.


A pair of responsive design events in London.

Indie Web Camp Brighton

Right after dConstruct.

Overcast and Huffduffer

Two great tastes that go great together.

Cory Doctorow at dConstruct 2014

The wheel turns full circle.

For Chloe

Donations in her memory.

A new website for dConstruct 2014

A handsome redesign with a touch of playfulness.


Responsive Day Out 2: The Squishening

Responsive Day Out activities

Welcome to Brighton.

The telescope in the woods

A trip to the Baldone Schmidt telescope in Latvia.

Responsive Day Out 2: The Scheduling

Everything you need to know about your trip to the seaside.

The more the merrier at Responsive Day Out 2

Did you miss out on getting a ticket? It’s not too late!

Selfish publishing

It’s not you, it’s me.

Talking and travelling

Boston to Austin to Baltimore to San Diego.


Whither Google Analytics and Do Not Track?

The tragedy of the commons

Digital destruction courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

Connections #2

Come along to chat about organisational stuff’n’shit.

dConstruct 2013 videos

Relive the magic of the world’s finest conference.


It’s a wide, wide web.

24 hours to go

Grab your ticket for Responsive Day Out 2 tomorrow.

Notes from the edge

Thoughts prompted by the Edge Conference in London.

9,125 days later

219,000 hours of wonder.

Return of the Responsive Day Out

It’s baaa-ack!

Making progress

A simple little pattern for form submissions.

Brighton workshops

Seb and Remy will be dropping knowledge bombs.

Async, Ajax, and animation

Hijax, Youjax, we all jax for Pjax.


The web is not a platform.

Launching for America

The new Code for America website is live. That was quick!

Climbing Mount Responsive

Three days in Munich.

Workshoppers of the world

Divide and take over.

Connections: Weak Signals

Popping the Connections cherry in style at 68 Middle Street.

Pattern sharing

The front-end style guide for Code for America.

Coding for America

Fuck yeah!


Thinky, thinky, talky, talky.

Hackfarming Tiny Planner

Hold me closer.

That was my jam

Musical comet trails through 2013.


This post was deleted.

Defining the damn thang

We must go deeper.

Classy values

Semantics and such.


Three cities in two weeks.

Science Hack Day San Francisco

Getting excited and making things with science in the best possible venue.

The ghost of browsers past

Delving into old-fashioned parsing rules.

CERN and the line-mode browser

Two days in geek paradise.


Return to Freiburg.

dConstruct music

A short playlist.

August in America, day twenty-six

Chicago, Illinois.

August in America, day twenty-five

Chicago, Illinois.

August in America, day twenty-four

Chicago, Illinois.

August in America, day twenty-two

San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois.

August in America, day twenty

San Francisco, California.

Double tap delay

That’s 300 milliseconds of my life that I’m never getting back.

August in America, day fifteen

San Diego, California.

August in America, day eleven

Sierra Vista, Arizona.

August in America, day ten

Sierra Vista, Arizona.

August in America, day nine

Sierra Vista, Arizona.

August in America, day eight

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona.

August in America, day seven

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The dConstruct 2012 website

A little retrospective.

August in America, day four

Alexandria, Virginia.

August in America, day three

Alexandria, Virginia.

August in America, day two

Calvert County, Maryland.

August in America, day one

Alexandria, Virginia.

The United States of August

Road tripping.

Brighton in September

Five weeks and counting to dConstruct 2013.

An Event Alarm

Banal Inception.


Applying progressive enhancement to responsive navigation patterns.


Rounding up some of Europe’s web gatherings.

A Gov Supreme

A big, big gov.


The street will find its own uses for this device.


It was twenty years ago today.

A dao revisited

Musing on a thirteen year old piece of writing on the web.

Responsive workshopping

A half-day workshop I did at this year’s UX London.


A word from our sponsors.

Not tumbling, but spiralling

I’m going to miss Tumblr when it’s gone.

Placehold on tight

Getting consistent browser behaviour for the placeholder attribute.

Off-canvas horizontal lists

Sharing a pattern that didn’t quite work.

Told you so

In which I permit myself a moment to gloat about liquid layouts.

Tools of the trade

Apps for designers.

Responsive audio out

All the talks are available for your listening and huffduffing pleasure.

Oh, what a Responsive Day Out that was!

Out of the park.

Responsive day soon

Counting down the days.

Jets dream

A modest proposal for long-distance air travel.

Designing for Touch by Josh Clark

Liveblogging Josh’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

Responsive and Responsible by Scott Jehl

Liveblogging Scott’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

It’s a Write/Read Mobile Web by Luke Wroblewski

Liveblogging Luke’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

Billboards and Novels by Jon Tan

Liveblogging Jon’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

Strong Layout Systems by Eric Meyer

Liveblogging Eric’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

10 Commandments of Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

Liveblogging Jeffrey’s talk at An Event Apart in Atlanta.

Counting down to the Responsive Day Out

Just two weeks to go.


Not all media queries are created equal.

A question of style

The only correct coding style is the one everyone is agreeing to use.

Open device labs

The communal device lab is here for us to use.

When is a link not a link?

When it’s a void.

The test

What’s the first thing you do?

Long time

Why does a decade on the web feel like an epoch?

A question of time

My answer to a deceptively simple-sounding question.

Clearleft.com past and present

Design iterations over eight years.

Dealing with IE again

Some clarification.

Responsive Day Out updates

A line-up change and an after-party.

Dealing with IE

The hacks we shouldn’t have to do.

Canvas sparklines

Scripting Tufte’s bite-sized charts.

More Responsive Day Out

Get a ticket while stocks last.

The Session

Finally, the Irish music community site gets an overhaul.

Responsive Day Out

Come on down to Brighton on March 1st, 2013. A great day out for £50!

Building Matter

Today is launch day for an exceptionally good project.

Full fathom frontal

A day of front-end fun in Brighton.

Iconic imagery

Responsive images, compressive images, and icon fonts. Take your pick.

Responsive readlist

Links from a workshop.

Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’

Keep them updates scrollin’.


Apple’s lack of developer relations for Safari needs to change.

Open device labs

Bring me your phones, your tablets, your huddled devices.

Return to Freiburg

Thanks to Smashing Magazine, I had the chance to revisit my old haunts.

Listen to Brighton SF

The audio (and transcript) is available for your listening (and reading) pleasure.

The mind-blowing awesomeness of dConstruct 2012

Preceded by the mind-blowing awesomeness of Brighton SF.

Questions, please

What should I ask Brian Aldiss, Lauren Beukes, and Jeff Noon?

Maptales of Brighton

The places to be.

From Chicago to Brighton

Geeking it up on both sides of the Atlantic.


Three lines.

Generating placeholders from datalists

Some JavaScript to spruce up forms in HTML5 documents.

Laboratory conditions

The testlab setup.


Brighton SF just got even better.

Countdown to September

Preparing for the Brighton Digital Festival.


Read these things about things on the network.

How do I convince…?

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

Device labs

Brighton, London, Malmö…

Brighton SF

I’m gathering together some sci-fi authors the evening before dConstruct.

Austin Apart

A conference in Texas. No, not that one.

September in Brighton

The Brighton Digital Festival returns.


May: The Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada. June: nothing. July: Barcelona and Austin.


Happy birthday, Alan.

Device expansion

Some more device grist for the communal testing mill.

Secret src

Hammering out the issues around standardising responsive images.

Your local mobile device lab

Opening up the Clearleft device lab has resulted in more devices.

Questions for Mobilism

I’m going to be moderating two panel discussions. What should I ask the panelists?

dConstruct optimisation

Tweaking the dConstruct 2012 site for performance.

Left to our own devices

Pop ‘round to the Clearleft office if you want to test a site on our devices.

Conditional CSS

The results are in. Here’s what you came up with to solve the problem of conditional loading with CSS.

Fanfare for the common breakpoint

“Common” breakpoints are the new fold.

Conditionally loading content

Conditional loading is a great technique for responsive designs but we need a better way of communicating between CSS and JavaScript.

Announcing dConstruct 2012

Save the date: September 7th, 2012 is going to be a fantastic day in Brighton.


The slow disappearance of a storage medium.

Responsive questions

Responding to responsiveness, as prompted by MacUser UK magazine.

Sharing pattern libraries

I, for one, welcome our new sharing and caring overlords of markup and CSS.

Of Time and the Network and the Long Bet

Matt has accepted the challenge I threw down in my Webstock talk (which has now been transcribed).

Space by Botwest

A day of robots, science hacks, digital preservation and the new aesthetic.

Getting ahead in advertising

My sense of entitlement. Let me show it to you.

Image-y nation

A responsive image technique leads to some nostalgia for the early days of web development.

Publishing Paranormal Interactivity

Read the transcript of my talk from An Event Apart 2010.

dConstruct Audio Archive

Seven years of audio goodness gathered together in one place.


A mobile-first approach to UA-sniffing.

Cool your eyes don’t change

The transcript of the audio of the video of the talk from Build.

One moment

Archiving a special mention by the greatest archivist of them all.

Audio Update

How I wish that conference audio were as widespread of conference video. Speaking of which, I’ve transcribed my talk from the Update conference.

Media queries and multiple columns

Responsiveness in the second dimension.

Months and years

Progressively enhancing form fields.

Who goes there?

From another world.

Retreat 4 Geeks 2012

Want to join me on a horse ranch in the Rockies?


A Christmas letter.

The last show of the year

I left my Event Apart in San Francisco.

The forgotten house

The internet never forgets to think that the internet never forgets.

Clean conditional loading

Tidying up some code I used in a 24 Ways article.

Speaking, not hacking

I had fun at Build in Belfast but alas, I didn’t make it to Science Hack Day in San Francisco.

Pursuing semantic value

Agreeing and disagreeing with Divya.

Responsible responsive images

A future-friendly approach to mobile-first responsive design.


New Amsterdam.


Reading in the sky.

What technology wants

I cried too.

Ending September

I travelled. I talked.


Happy birthday to this.

Improving Reality

Documenting the infinite loop between science fiction and reality in digital art, cinema and gaming.


Smart defaults are important, especially when it comes to server-side sniffing.

Boston Global Scope

This. This is how we should build for the web.

The Language of the Web

The Breaking Development conference was the perfect platform for discussing all things mobile.

The country songs of distant Earth

Greetings from Nashville, or possibly space.


Annoying iOS developers for fun and for serious.

Makers in Brighton

All the fun of the Maker Faire.

dConstruction of the Fables

dConstruct 2011 was great …in my opinion.


Combining responsive design with CSS table layout to rearrange the display of content and navigation.


Putting content first by combining responsive design with the CSS3 flexible box layout module.

The Lost Lemonworld

Is it not strange that sheep’s guts should hale souls out of men’s bodies?


Our collective creativity, no matter how ugly, is worth preserving.

Digital Deathwatch

Waiting for the deletionist axe to fall.

Responsive dConstruction

I’m preparing a workshop for dConstruct on responsive design.

Farewell to June

A look back and a look ahead.

Indie Web Camping

The dream of independent publishing is alive in Portland.


Conferences in the UK.

L33t ski11z

One of these things may just change your life.


There’s a book I want you to read.


The web is agreement.

The good new days

Everything new is old again.


Five weeks ‘till Brighton goes type mad.


Listen in to a conversation I had about responsive web design.

Bye, bye pride

Missing Grant McLennan.

An Event Apart apart

Failing to explain what made An Event Apart in Boston so special to me.

All Our Yesterdays: the links

Hyperlinks of digital preservation.

Jared Spool: The Secret Lives of Links

Liveblogging Jared’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Ethan Marcotte: The Responsive Designer’s Workflow

Liveblogging Ethan’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Luke Wroblewski: Mobile Web Design Moves

Liveblogging Luke’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Veerle Pieters: The Experimental Zone

Liveblogging Veerle’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Whitney Hess: Design Principles — The Philosophy of UX

Liveblogging Whitney’s presentation at An Event Apart in Boston.

Jeffrey Zeldman: What Every Web Designer Should Know — A Better You At What You Do

Liveblogging Jeffrey’s opening talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Content First

In which I repeatedly hammer home the point that it’s all about the content.

Voice of the bot-hive

I for one welcome our new voice-activated algorithmic overlords.


My travel report.

The Kindle connection

For all the faults with its digital books, this little device is proving its worth.

Zånhae nights


Lazy loading on Huffduffer

Lazy responsiveness or responsive laziness.


Another way of ensuring Internet Explorer gets your layout styles.

Windows mobile media queries

Solving that pesky Windows Phone 7 problem.

Skillful stories

An excellent night of narrative exploration in Brighton.

Orientation and scale

Attempting to patch a bug in Mobile Safari.

Principles Apart

Gathering many design principles into one document.


Revisiting the origins of the internet.


A follow-up on responsive web design.


Clarifying the problem space of responsive web design.


The fine print.

South by south met

SxSW is Soylent Green.

American Odyssey

Brighton to Illinois to Texas to Florida to Oregon to Washington to Brighton.

The long prep

Care to place a wager?

Voice of the Beeb hive

When is an explanation not an explanation?

Sea change

Don’t fear responsive design; embrace it.

Going Postel

How hash-bang URLs violate the robustness principle.


The difference between being on the web and being archived.

Erase and rewind

The BBC is planning to delete 172 websites.

A dark star is born

We are dark stardust, we are golden, we are puppets.

The Huffduffer Hotline

Get your Huffduffer fix down the phone line, thanks to Tropo .

The URI is the thing

My name is Jeremy and I am a URL fetishist.

DOM Scripting, second edition

My first book has been updated (though not by me).

Tweaking Huffduffer

An oEmbed nip here, a responsive design tuck there.

Home-grown and Delicious

The Pembertonisation of my bookmarks: I’m hosting my own.

One web

Let’s get together and feel alright.

A brief list of false dichotomies

Liquid vs. fixed has been omitted. We regret the error.


An advent calendar for fonts, complete with responsive layout.


Turning NASA transcripts into hypertext jewels.

Speaking and moving

From the lowlands of Holland to the coast of California.

Sea change

Oh, the humanity!

Responsive enhancement

A responsive refresh of adactio.com that takes progressive enhancement to the next level.

Responsive refresh

Giving the UX London site some extra flexibility.

A responsive mind

Responsive web design is about more than just media queries.

JavaScript jamboree

Whacky and wonderful JavaScript experiments.

Scandinavian sojourn

Keynoting at Drupalcon.

Slight return

Back in blog.

Facing the future

Our civilisation needs to hit Ctrl+S.

The Adoption of Adaptation

The times, they are a-changin’.


From Web Directions @media to Science Hack Day.

Tools of a different trade

Call yourself a web designer?

The format of The Long Now

Betting on HTML.

Spam of the Gods

Greetings, I write you as a humble spacefaring probe…


Aural synchronicity on the journey to Londinium.

Virtually speaking

You kind of had to not be there.

Article of doubt

Once again, the data shows confusion between sections and articles in HTML5.

Seattle Apart

Another excellent event apart.

Next month in HTML5

Join me at one of these locations.

Beautiful truth

I want you to read something.

South by Twenty Ten

It’s that time of year again.


Let’s lynch the landlord.


Three ages of lunacy.

Making Workshops for the Web

Behind the scenes of the latest Clearleft site.

HTML5 watch

All I want for Christmas is a lint tool.

The Scenius of Brighton

The geeky events just keep coming.

Talking the talk

Shooting the breeze in MP3s.

Tears in the rain

All of these moments will be lost in time.

Full Frontal

Be in Brighton on November 20th.


One Friday in September.


Add a memento to the dConstruct time capsule.

Building Reprieve

Popping my Django cherry.

From Boston to London

Straight from An Event Apart to @media.

An Event Apart Boston, Day One

Wrapping up a day’s liveblogging and speaking

DIY UX: Give Your Users an Upgrade (Without Calling In a Pro)

Liveblogging Whitey Hess at An Event Apart Boston 2009.

Designing with Psychology in Mind

Liveblogging Joshua Porter at An Event Apart Boston 2009.

Thinking Small

Liveblogging Jason Santa Maria at An Event Apart Boston 2009.

Content First

Liveblogging Kristina Halvorson at An Event Apart Boston 2009.

Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon

Liveblogging Jared Spool at An Event Apart Boston 2009.


Conference are like buses. Here come three at once.

Wired for sound

Don’t you wonder sometimes ‘bout sound and vision?

Dyson ball

When is a ball not a sphere?

The Death and Life of Geocities

Geocities is no longer here for you to use.

All Our Yesterdays

Opening up Bamboo Juice 2009.

Righting copywrongs

Fighting the good fight in Europe.

Blast from the past

When rabbit holes become memory holes.

Revving up

rev=”canonical” has a posse.


I’m mobile. Fly me.

See me speak

Past and future.


Speaking and travelling.

To protect and to preserve

Is it safe?


Back up before your data goes down.

Microprinter has a posse

Get your hack on.


The importance of transparency.

Creative Commons Q&A

15 questions on Creative Commons.


Liveblogging the first ever PaperCamp in London.

Longevity, morphology, incept dates

The flame that’s Creative Commons licensed burns twice as long.

The Audio of the System of the World

For your listening pleasure.

The Rise of HTML5

All the cool kids are doing it.

Iron Man and me

The story of how one of my Flickr pictures came to be used in a Hollywood movie.

Preservation and design

Design, context and embarrassing old websites.

Big in Japan

Adventures in the land of the rising sun.


I’m going to Japan.

Chuff Chuff, Huffduff

Podcasts make train journeys bearable.

An Event Apart, Day Two

Speaking and listening in San Francisco.

An Event Apart, Day One

Wrapping up a day’s liveblogging in San Francisco.

Implementing Design: Bulletproof A-Z

Liveblogging Dan Cederholm at An Event Apart San Francisco.

The Framework Age

Liveblogging Liz Danzico at An Event Apart San Francisco.

Shepherding Passionate Users

Liveblogging Heather Champ at An Event Apart San Francisco.

Web Application Hierarchy

Liveblogging Luke Wroblewski at An Event Apart San Francisco.

Storytelling by Design

Liveblogging Jason Santa Maria at An Event Apart San Francisco.

The Lessons of CSS Frameworks

Liveblogging Eric Meyer at An Event Apart San Francisco.

Understanding Web Design

Liveblogging Jeffrey Zeldman at An Event Apart San Francisco.

Geek out and about

Say it loud and say it proud.


The Mac app from Clearleft that might further the cause of usability testing.

Sound and vision

Data visualisation killed the video star.

Supernova 2008

A different kind of conference.


Voices that natter.

City Hopping

Brighton to Nashville to San Francisco.


The land of the midnight sun.


North to Alaska.

AMEE — The World’s Energy Meter

Liveblogging a talk by Gavin Starks at XTech 2008 in Dublin.

Building the Real-time Web

Liveblogging a spontaneous panel from XTech 2008 in Dublin.

Browsers on the Move: The Year in Review, the Year Ahead

Liveblogging a talk by Michael Smith at XTech 2008 in Dublin.

Using socially-authored content to provide new routes through existing content archives

Liveblogging a talk by Rob Lee at XTech 2008.

David Recordon’s XTech keynote

David delivers a state of the Web address to the geek nation.

Open Audio

Take my audio file. Please.


Get hard drive. Examine hard drive.

Iteration and You

Liveblogging a presentation by Daniel Burka at The Future of Web Design.

From Design to Deployment

Liveblogging a presentation by Jon Hicks at The Future of Web Design.

Print is the New Web

Liveblogging a talk by Elliot Jay Stocks at The Future of Web Design.

Getting Your Designs Approved

Liveblogging a presentation from Larissa Meek at the Future of Web Design.

Demo hell

The air gets sucked out of the room at The Future of Web Design.

The User Experience Curve

Liveblogging a talk from Andy Budd at The Future of Web Design in London.

User Experience vs. Brand Experience

Liveblogging a session from Steven Pearce and Andy Clarke at the Future of Web Design.

App Engines of Creation

When does web development become systems administration?


Links to pretty pictures of data.


Voxpop videos from the Social Graph Foo Camp.


How Erin and Peter saved South by Southwest.

Siam I am

One week in Thailand.

Thai-ing the knot

Going east.


I’m off to San Francisco. Again.


You can’t play that here.


The year in (p)review.

Cascading calendars

Take my style sheet. Please.

Return from San Francisco

I had a blast… as always.

Voices that natter

Presentation: done. Conference: done.

Week away

In San Francisco.

Ignorance and inspiration

Banishing the moaners and whingers with a healthy dose of amazing videos.

Community service

Reporting on some vibrant communities in Spain, in Brighton and on the Web.

Breaking boxes with Brian

Cardboard box demolition.

She car go

A great conference in a great city.

Illinois apart

I’m going across the Atlantic again.


Backing up my position on blog comments with some quotes.

Charlie Romeo Alpha Zebra Yankee

Never a dull moment.

Social networking

Let me count the ways.

Microformats 1:01—Exporting microformats via bluetooth

A microformats video lasting one minute and one second.


Last night in San Francisco.

Fake tales of San Francisco

The biggest small town in the West.


I’m going to San Francisco.

Machine Tags of Loving Grace

Revish sets the tagging machinery in motion.

Twitter… again

Even if you don’t like it, let us have our fun.

Typography at South by Southwest

Type sets the tone.

Speaking at South by Southwest

Cheekiness and gravitas in equal amounts.

The diversity division

The diversity debate is back.

The Future of Web Apps, day two

A running commentary of the fun at FOWA.


The film of the typeface.

Après Web Directions North

A great conference with the best post-conference activities ev-ah!

Web Directions North, day two

What a conference!

Web Directions North, day zero

I’m acclimatising to the time zone.

Vancouver mover

I’m off to Canada for Web Directions North.

Do the right semantic thing

A new site looks like a golden opportunity for vote-links.

Five things you may not know about Jeremy Keith

Let’s see if I’ve got the hang of this meme.

Time and motion

My movements in a year.

Christmas in Brighton

My first ever UK Christmas.

Today on 24 Ways

Drew has published a little article by me on his advent calendar.

Casino Royale

Bond begins.

To Cape Canaveral… and beyond!

I went behind the curtain at the Kennedy Space Center.

Microformats gone wild

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a microformat these days.

Beautiful hackery

An API-driven text adventure, accessible train times and hackable URLs; oh, yes.

Pictorial Ajaxitagging

Now with added Flickry goodness.

Naked lunch conversations

Some distinguished visitors come to Brighton.

London calling

London yesterday, London tomorrow… I’ve turned into a commuter.

Sydney to Melbourne

It’s time for me to expand my Australian horizons.

d.Construct travel news

Bloody trains.

Iteravely Upcoming

Softly, softly, designy website.

A Scanner Darkly

The most faithful Philip K.Dick adaptation yet.

API changes

Heads up. Flickr and Del.icio.us have made some changes.


Some pictures I took are in the Daily Telegraph.

V for Vendetta

The film of the graphic novel.

Happy Birthday, WWW

Many happy returns.

The unpushed envelope

Isn’t it high time we started using CSS to its fullest?

For want of a nail…

…the kingdom was lost.

Ajax workshop in NYC

Learn DOM Scripting and Ajax in the Big Apple.

Podcasts and the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a handy place to store creative commons licensed audio files.

A tipping point for microformats

Something tiny this way comes.


Brighton misses Joe Clark.

The Empire Moves House

Moving house, one lego spaceship at a time.


Before heading off to Amsterdam, I need to get all my worldly belongings into my new flat.

Helvetican crossing

I’m taking a trip down memory lane, Freiburg, Germany via Basel, Switzerland.

Transcribing podcasts

Making podcasts accessible.

Bite Size Vitamin

Help yourself to a rich serving of web dev resources.

Adactio, pour homme

The perfume of the movie of the website… you read it here first.


Not everything is black and white.

Prime yourself

Some tips for when (not if) you see the film Primer.

Simple Storage Service

Amazon’s newest web service has no face, but I think it’s got legs.

Darwinian webolution

Websites aren’t built; they’re grown.