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Talking about hypertext

Preparing and publishing a presentation on one single HTML element.

Regression toward being mean

I need to get better at balance.

Owning my words

My website, my words.

Content Buddy

Making myself available for proof-reading, editing, and general content wrangling.

Independently published

I want to thank these people for sharing.

New edition

The second edition of HTML5 of Web Designers

Words of welcome

Writing is interface design.

Small lessons, loosely learned

Softly softly, grokky JavaScript.

Someone will read this

Haunted by a hyperlink.


The best writer on the web.

100 × 100

Writing about writing.

100 words 100

Day one hundred.

100 words 099

Day ninety nine.

100 words 045

Day forty five plus one.

100 words 021

Day twenty one.


I put this moment over here.

100 words 002

Day two.

100 words 001

Day one.


Reports of the death of the personal site has been greatly exaggerated.

A question of markup

Choosing the right HTML elements: why bother?


Deeper linking for deeper thinking.

Writing from home

Personal publishing.

In dependence

This is my website. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

A dao revisited

Musing on a thirteen year old piece of writing on the web.

And be damned

Writing, publishing, sharing, speaking.

A question of style

The only correct coding style is the one everyone is agreeing to use.

Building Matter

Today is launch day for an exceptionally good project.

Your own words

Reclaim what you publish: come along to IndieWebCamp in Brighton on September 9th.


Read these things about things on the network.


Always read the meatspace lump of dead-tree atoms.

The change you want to see

Make the poop or get off the pot.


A child’s Halloween in Ireland.


Happy birthday to this.

One hundred and seven

Sometimes only the word “awesome” will do.

DOM Scripting, second edition

My first book has been updated (though not by me).


Publish or be damned.


Commentary on a Layer Tennis match.

Unboxing Apart

That “new book” smell.

Announcing HTML5 For Web Designers

I’ve only gone and written another bloody book.


Read what Ben Ward has written.

Beautiful truth

I want you to read something.


Ligatures from beyond the grave.

Hyphen Nation

Battling the emdashculation of the internet.


The world of Iain M Banks.

The L words

Oh, what a difference an Oh makes.

Semantic brevity

Make microformats work with your writing style.


Backing up my position on blog comments with some quotes.


Go forth and coin.

Today on 24 Ways

Drew has published a little article by me on his advent calendar.