How the Web Became Unreadable

Kevin writes a plea on Ev’s blog for better contrast in web typography:

When you build a site and ignore what happens afterwards — when the values entered in code are translated into brightness and contrast depending on the settings of a physical screen — you’re avoiding the experience that you create. And when you design in perfect settings, with big, contrast-rich monitors, you blind yourself to users. To arbitrarily throw away contrast based on a fashion that “looks good on my perfect screen in my perfectly lit office” is abdicating designers’ responsibilities to the very people for whom they are designing.

How the Web Became Unreadable

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Chris Aldrich

“Kevin writes a plea on Ev’s blog” - I often still think of Medium this way too. Though isn’t Backchannel technically a Conde Nast joint now? Kevin, do you get to eventually “own” the actual post after an embargo period? More journalists should be syndicating content in an IndieWeb-centric way like this, but still able to keep all the likes/comments after-the-fact for their portfolio. (Particularly when they do all the follow up commentary and respond to comments as well as you do.)