Revision 200: The Indie Web on Working Draft on Huffduffer

I had the great honour of being invited to speak on the 200th edition of the Working Draft podcast (there are a few sentences in German at the start, and then it switches into English).

I had a lot of fun talking about indie web building blocks (rel=me, indieauth, webmention, h-entry, etc.). Best of all, while I was describing these building blocks, one of the hosts started implementing them!

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Christophe Ducamp

[Podcast 1:21] L’IndieWeb sur Working Draft > w/ @adactio #indiewebcamp #buildingblocks Pour la 200ème édition du podcast Working Draft, Schepp, Anselm et Stefan ont invité Jeremy Keith. Une conversation en profondeur pour parler de l’Indie Web. Brève introduction en allemand, mais ensuite tout est en anglais.) Jeremy parle avec joie des blocs de constructions de l’indieweb (rel=me, indieauth, webmention, h-entry, etc.).


Adactio: Links—Revision 200: The Indie Web on Working Draft on Huffduffer

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