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Jon has started a new little music podcast—and he’s using Huffduffer to generate the RSS feed—three thematically-linked pieces of music.

Have a listen to the first episode.

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Jeremy Keith

@holst Yeah. That, and whether I think others might want to huffduff it too (a one-click step from Huffduffer; a little longer elsewhere).

# Posted by Jeremy Keith on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 at 8:45am

Troika March 3, 2015 New music podcast from Jon Hicks. The first episode is ready for your earlobes: This first edition of Troika is about ambient music. Not the bleepy,beaty, dancy kind, but the more soothing ‘neo-classical’ or drone style of Ambient. Music for watching the stars (amongst other things). Music for watching the stars. Or, perhaps reading a few Space Bits. /via Jeremy Keith. View all posts