Link archive: June 4th, 2008 - The Peculiar 20th Century

Prompted by my proposal for this year's Reboot, Christian Crumlish pointed me to this post by Christopher Fahey that echoes my assertion that the Twentieth Century might turn out to be just a blip on the cultural timeline.

The Big Picture -

This new photojournalism blog is filled with stunning imagery.

Suggest a Feed to Ryan Irelan

If there's an RSS you think Ryan should know about, you can tell him here.

Yahoo! Address Book API - YDN

You can know use an API (with BBAuth) to get contact Yahoo account contact details. There really is no excuse now for still using the password anti-pattern.

reboot10 - Jeremy Keith talks about Hypertext (Micropresentation)

Ooh, look what else I've found on the Reboot site.: this is my pecha kucha... I mean, this is my "micropresentation" about increasing the power of your hyperlinks (with microformats ...of course).

reboot10 - Jeremy Keith talks about Soul

Wandering around the site for the Reboot conference in Copenhagen, I came across this video of my talk from last year. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this talk.

Eric's Archived Thoughts: The Missing Link

An excellent passionate call to action by Eric explaining why the href attribute should be freed from the shackles of the anchor element.

Beyond CAPTCHA: No Bots Allowed! [Privacy and Trust]

Brothercake looks at the problems, issues, and alternatives to requiring a human to prove that they're not a bot.