Link archive: August 12th, 2011

Beautiful People - home

A documentary about the weekly session in Dempsey’s pub in Manhattan.


A cute idea: see how signs (mostly in Brazil) would look if they were set in Helvetica.

mySociety » Blog Archive » Mobile operators altering (and breaking) web content

In an attempt to “optimise” performance, T-Mobile and Orange are actually breaking jQuery.

Welcoming Jake Archibald to team Lanyrd | The Lanyrd Blog

This is a match made in heaven: the brilliant Jake Archibald is joining the brilliant Lanyrd.

Lucozade Energy Advert 2011 - Feeder’s ‘Buck Rogers’ by The James Cleaver Quintet. - YouTube

So that’s what they were filming when I came out of band practice the other day. This is my neighbourhood.