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Pictures and vision

Robin Sloan compares Facebook and Google in an interesting way:

Really, Facebook is the world’s largest photo sharing site—that also happens to be a social network and a login system.

Google is getting good, really good, at building things that see the world around them and actually understand what they’re seeing.

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I am very disappointed that the internet didn’t tell me sooner that Steve Albini has a food blog.

So just in case you didn’t already know: Steve Albini has a food blog.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

We don’t support Internet Explorer, and we’re calling that a feature | Tips for Freelancers on Time Tracking and Invoicing | Paydirt Blog

This is the absolutely worst way to think about browser support: because the design doesn’t render “pixel perfect” (whatever that means) in a browser, that browser is blocked from accessing content. This is completely unnecessary and shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the web’s greatest feature: progressive enhancement.

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