Link archive: March 3rd, 2013

A Responsive Day Out by David Bushell

David shares his first ever speaking experience at the Responsive Day Out. I’m so, so happy he agreed to do it—he was great!

Responsive Navigation

David’s slides from the Responsive Day Out.

Responsive Day Out – Food for thought

Some musings prompted by the Responsive Day Out. I don’t agree with everything here (I certainly don’t think any of the speakers were demonising Photoshop, and pointing the finger at browser makers to solve our problems doesn’t help with existing and older browsers) but it’s always interesting to hear what other people got from the event. I definitely agree with the final point that we need to be sharing more, and not just on the narrowband paltry medium of Twitter.

Notes from Responsive Conf — Phunky Venom

Some bullet points from the Responsive Day Out to keep you going until the audio and video is ready.

Creating a physical internet to save money and energy on logistics

I remember a talk and discussion at SxSW a few years back about trying to improve the efficiency of trade networks by making them more web-like: there are ships full of empty cargo containers, simply because companies insist on using the container with their logo on it. I really, really like the idea of applying the principles of packet-switching to physical networks.

But here’s the hard part:

The technology is not a problem. We could do it all in 10 years. It’s the business models and the mental models in people’s minds.

The Edge of the Web at Responsive Day Out

Slides, videos, and links from Paul’s presentation at the Responsive Day Out.