Link archive: March 4th, 2013

Responsive Day Out - a set on Flickr

Another nice set of photos from the Responsive Day Out.

Responsive Day Out, attendees

#responsiveconf at Wolf’s Little Store

A write-up of the Responsive Day Out from one of the Belgian contingent. They’re a notoriously hard-to-please bunch but it sounds like a good time was had nonetheless.

Sadly, the ol’ “web app” get-out-of-jail-free card is whipped out once more. You know the one I mean.

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Anna documents her tea-making process.

Springboard – Coming soon from Clearleft

The latest Clearleft product will be like having an intensive set of discovery, collaboration, and exploration workshops in a box. Perfect for startups and other small businesses short on time or budget.

It starts in Spring but you can register your interest now.

Anatomy of a responsive page load

The slides from Andy’s excellent pragmatic talk on performance and aggressive enhancement at the Responsive Day Out.

Antiphonal Geometry: harmony and proportion in responsive web design

The slides from Owen’s magnificent talk at the Responsive Day Out …but you really had to be there.

Response Day Out Conference by Glenn Jones

Glenn’s notes from the Responsive Day Out. He thinks I brushed over the question of advertising (I don’t think I did, but no one topic got much airtime) and the question of “sites vs. apps”—that I did brush over: give me one good reason why we need to make a distinction (that nobody can agree on) between some sites and others. Seriously.

Responsive design – have we come full circle?

Everything old is new again. Ross noticed that many of the themes recurring at the Responsive Day Out hark back to best practices from over a decade ago: progressive enhancement, performance, good ol’ information architecture…

Program Your Own Mind 2: A responsive day out

Some thoughts and soul-searching prompted by talks at the Responsive Day Out.

Our thoughts about Responsive Day Out by Si digital

Some nice recollections from the Responsive Day Out.

The gradient chart by Cennydd Bowles

A very handy technique from Cennydd for answering the “it depends” question of when you might need a separate device-specific site (‘though I think that a separate can be a good option in addition to a responsive site, rather than instead of).

Antwerp Open Device Lab

Do you know anyone in Antwerp who wants to be part of a communal open device lab? Point them here.

A Responsive Day Out, Brighton by Hydrant

A nice write-up of the Responsive Day Out with all the right take-aways.