Link archive: March 6th, 2013

Sensory Interfaces (SI) on O Danny Boy

Dan isn’t keen on the term “natural user interface.” Here’s why.

Antiphonal Geometry · Harmony and proportion in responsive web design

This is the full text of Owen’s talk at the Responsive Day Out. It makes for a terrific read!

Keir Whitaker on Responsive Day Out 2013

Here’s Keir’s roundup of the Responsive Day Out (which was preceded by a Shopify meetup the night before).

Seb Lee-Delisle: Playing With Code

A nice feature on Seb in the latest issue of Make magazine.

The Accessibility Project

This is a great initiative. I’m going to learn a lot from it. I hope that I might even be able to contribute to it sometime.

For discussion: viewport and font-size data in client hints

The “client hints” proposal looks really interesting: a way for user-agents to send data to the server without requiring the server to have a library of user-agent strings. But Scott has a few concerns about some of the details.

Control your own content

Honestly, if you value the content you create and put online, then you need to be in control of your own stuff.

Mailappapp by Visual Idiot

Revolutionising the way you revolutionise email.

A Responsive Day Out, 2013

Another in-depth round-up of the Responsive Day Out, this time from Vasilis.

Quotes and Accents

Jessica’s handy guide to writing the right quotes and accents on a Mac keyboard.

How was Responsive Day Out? by Flow Interactive

Yet another round-up of the Responsive Day Out. I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of people that have been blogging since the event.

Responsive Day Out by Tom Prior

An in-depth blow-by-blow account of the Responsive Day Out by my fellow Brightonian.

Using SVG on CSS-Tricks

Chris takes a look at all the different ways you can use SVG today.