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Chloe –

What struck me most - and has always stayed with me - is how Chloe appeared to be the kindest, most sweet person I could have wished to meet. She was the actual definition of “lovely” and “kind”, through and through.

Chloe | Rob Weychert

Chloe was generous with her emotions, but not in a needy or narcissistic way. I think she just found honesty more efficient than posturing. She didn’t hide her depression, but she didn’t let it define her, either. The clouds that followed her around wouldn’t hesitate to part for a good joke or an enthusiastic conversation about shared passions. Her wit was incisive and unassuming, her smile was enormous, and it was tremendously satisfying to make her laugh.

Chloe by Geri Coady

Geri remembers Chloe.

Robin Rendle › Chloe

Someone else who was inspired by Chloe, without ever having met her.

Chloe Weil | Equivalent Ideas

Chloe was an inspiration, even to people she never met.