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Pausing a GIF with details/summary | CSS-Tricks

This is such a clever and useful technique! It’s HTML+CSS only, and it’s a far less annoying way to display animated GIFs.

(Does anybody even qualify the word GIF with the adjective “animated” anymore? Does anyone know that there used to be such a thing as non-animated GIFs and that they were everywhere?)

A Breathing Earth

Beautiful animated GIFs showing the lungs of our planet.

Search in a Giphy

A search engine for animated gifs. Oh, yes.

Missed High Five


GIFCTRL: Next Level Gif Control

The state of the art in animated gifs: full-screen and scrubbable. Kiss your productivity goodbye.

From Me To You

The humble animated .gif is turning into an art form.


This is quite clearly the greatest animated .gif in the history of animated .gifs. Nice one, Paul.