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Audio clips from Full Frontal 2012 | Lanyrd

All the talks from this year’s excellent Full Frontal conference in Brighton, available in audio form for your huffduffing pleasure.

Lanyrd: the early days | The Lanyrd Blog

This is a rather lovely history of the first two years of Lanyrd, starting with that honeymoon-turned-startup.

I really like the way that Lanyrd’s communications reflect the personalities of Simon and Nat: utterly brilliant, but also a little bonkers, with far more animals than would be reasonably expected.

Going to dConstruct? Help test our latest feature | The Lanyrd Blog

If you’re coming to dConstruct, make sure to add yourself as “attending” on Lanyrd so you can make use of all the nifty new stalking features they’ll be launching for their mobile app.

SXSW speakers: Promote your panel with free MOO MiniCards! | The Lanyrd Blog

Moo and Lanyrd sitting in a tree, helping promote my SXSW panel. Excellent!

Welcoming Jake Archibald to team Lanyrd | The Lanyrd Blog

This is a match made in heaven: the brilliant Jake Archibald is joining the brilliant Lanyrd.

Lanyrd | the social conference directory

The latest creation from Simon and Nat. It's surprisingly addictive and useful — play around with it for a bit and you'll see what I mean. Lovely stuff.