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Metaballs, not to be confused with meatballs, are organic looking squishy gooey blobs.

Here’s the maths behind the metaballs (implemented in SVG).

How Not To Sort By Average Rating

I don’t understand the maths, but the logic is fascinating.

aM laboratory

A beautiful piece of musical mathematical poetry.

NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer

Equations to live by.

Quantum Random Bit Generator Service

There's no such thing as a good CAPTCHA but if there were, these would be ...Best. CAPTCHAs. Ever!

Fun (and Fraud Detection) with Benford’s Law | Data and the Web

Benford's law blows my mind. Be sure to watch the video. This is all related to network theory and power law distributions ...I'm just not sure how.

The Long Now Foundation - Essays

Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine.