August 24th, 2019

Replying to a tweet from @cramforce

AMP as often cited is not a ranking factor

This is the kind of semantic chicanery I’m talking about.

AMP pages are pre-rendered by Google. Regular (fast) web pages are not.

The Top Stories carousel appears above other results.

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Malte Ubl

Ahh, technical innovation is a privilege. As you know we can’t prerender other content for technical reasons. if you want to deny users a good experience for the subset of clicks where it is possible be my guest, but I won’t recommend you for a Product Manager job at Google. Jeremy Keith Jeremy Keith Tony Haile davegehring

# Posted by Malte Ubl on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at 2:03am

Jeremy Keith

You won’t recommend me for a Product Manager job at Google? My dreams lie in tatters before me. How about a position on the AMP advisory committee? I’m hoping fascists like me aren’t barred.

Tobie Langel

Heh! @cramforce doesn’t have a say as to who gets elected to the advisory committee. Only the current members of the advisory committee do.

Tobie Langel

For the Google PM role, on the other hand, I’m afraid the AC won’t be of much help. 😆

Jeremy Keith

If only Google Search had a similar model. As it stands, the AMP team gets to offload the unfairness of the format’s privileged position onto the search team, while maintaining the appearance of open source and good governance for AMP.

Tobie Langel

For example, what if Google Search has chosen, instead of creating AMP, to rely on the markup of Facebook Instant Articles? i.e., similar to what happened with the open graph protocol.


Is the Crux of this debate over whether Google search should have independent governance like AMP? And this independent governance would be warranted (despite search being a product of Google) because Google has such a large market share of search?

# Posted by davegehring on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at 12:15pm


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