January 27th, 2020

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I’m very interested in Datasette Cloud—I’ve got a bunch of public data in CSV/JSON but I just can’t get the datasette command line tools working:


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Kevin Marks

Tab separated is s lot better as a default than CSV as CSV quote escaping is bonkers and often non deterministic

# Posted by Kevin Marks on Monday, January 27th, 2020 at 11:37am

Anil Dash

Whether they go into the assets CDN depends on file type — let us know if there should be different handling there.

# Posted by Anil Dash on Monday, January 27th, 2020 at 11:51am

Matthew Somerville

TSV has no standard; how do you specify e.g. a newline? At least CSV and its quoting is RFC-specified, and I don’t see what is bonkers or non-deterministic about it.

Matthew Somerville

These were some Mb CSV files, so given the space available it probably makes sense for them to be in the CDN, and then the db-setup-script could load/process them from there, I guess, but not an expert at glitch or datasette, will see what @simonw says :)

Matthew Somerville

The spec you link to does not mention escape characters at all… Of course CSV has lots of bad use, I am well aware of that, but it does at least have a well-defined non-bonkers deterministic specification.


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