March 26th, 2020

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I think when I (or someone else) says the word “enhancement” what you hear is “just an enhancement”—I think that may be at the heart of your Colombo-like feigned confusion.

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Alex Russell

Popping up a bit, a slightly more generous way to read Apple’s new policy is that it degrades their (already bad) web storage limits to the point where the only safehaven is installation to the homescreen.

Alex Russell

This is inline with Chrome (et. al.’s) construction of a two-tier system, wherein sites that are installed get “more” in various ways. We’ve been careful not to break things between these modes, and only hang app-mode enhancements on installation, not basics (like storage).


That is definitely what I hear, maybe that’s the trouble? I don’t think I’ve heard it in another context, can you explain the difference? Not sure why you think I am feigning or somehow trying to obscure or excuse, I really want to understand


Although a huge difference with Chrome on Android is the lack of a native “add to home screen” banner.

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