September 22nd, 2020

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How does limiting web access to one browser give the web special attention other than in a negative sense?

Can you honestly not conceive that a browser other than Safari could be better for performance and features?

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Radoslav Sharapanov

No, because different companies have different priorities. The iPad Safari performance is a result of careful engineering on all levels of hardware and software – and yes, politics. Judging by the “competition”, it can not be replicated. We all know where Google’s priorities are.

Radoslav Sharapanov

Many reasons, some of them historical – they can’t suddenly turn the platform around, unlike the iPad which was conceived this way.

Jeremy Keith

You’re asking me to name a browser that literally can’t exist because it’s not allowed to exist. How can a browser for iOS perform better or worse than Safari if no other browsers are allowed on iOS?

Radoslav Sharapanov

No, because I need Chrome for testing. Again, historical reasons. Almost no one develops on iPad and the need there is negligible.

Jeremy Keith

We’ll never if it’s possible if it’s never allowed. Safari is the fastest browser on iOS. Safari is also the slowest browser on iOS. (Safari is the only browser on iOS.)

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