October 22nd, 2020

Replying to a tweet from @jaffathecake

Note that I didn’t say that portals came from AMP; I said they would help the AMP use case.

But I think I must be misunderstanding portals because it sounds to me like it would work great for the AMP top stories carousel.

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Jeremy Keith

You’re right. I don’t have any in-depth knowledge here. I was trying to describe a proposal being incubated. I used an example. It was a bad example, I guess. From now on I’ll just describe portals as “spicy iframes” and leave it at that. adactio.com/notes/17556

Jake Archibald

fwiw, in spec terms I’d like portals and iframes to inherit from something common, rather than one from the other. In the same way audio and video share a common base.

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