October 22nd, 2020

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It’s that emphasis on “between origins” that gets me (though I understand the security concerns, of course). Jake’s original proposal seemed more focused on same-origin page-level transitions …which is most single page apps today.

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Jake Archibald

I wouldn’t mind if something like this shipped same origin by default. But, I wouldn’t want it done in a way that excludes cross-origin in future. The future is longer than the past, and designing ourselves into a corner is bad.

Brian LeRoux

The same-origin is definitely the exciting use case. The anchor tag does cross origin transitions today (poorly) so this is a nice additive capability but not a new thing. (I think?) Google’s ever encroaching advertising empire is an entirely separate issue.

Jake Archibald

Does the anchor tag do navigation transitions? I mean, if we count “swap” as a transition I guess it does, but it seems like the whole point is that we want something more.

Brian LeRoux

Totally! It (poorly) changes the state of the page. Arguably still better than the client re-rendering and often more accessible/perfomant. Lots of room to improve and pave that path. Client routers rarely animate so this would be a huge step forward in my view.

Jake Archibald

A lot of SPAs would be better/faster if they weren’t SPAs. If we can solve that with a transition & prerendering thing, yes please!

Brian LeRoux

I’ve been a fan since the concept was announced and wish I knew how to expedite. It’s badly needed. Our defaults in web userland rn are a rapidly expanding disaster.

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