January 23rd, 2022

Replying to a tweet from @jaffathecake

I agree that Apple’s priorities are out of whack.

Take them to task for having priorities that are out of whack.

Taking them to task for accepting contributions is a distraction. It harms your case.

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Jake Archibald

It’s like when a government praises eg a homelessness charity. I can be thankful for the work the charity does, I can be thankful, I guess, that the government literally allowed the work to happen, but also be sad that the situation required a charity to pick that work up.

Jake Archibald

I’m not taking them to task for accepting the work, I’m angry at the things that put us in this whole situation. Especially in light of the browser ban on iOS, and the horrendous bugs we’ve all had to deal with in the past year.

Jeremy Keith

Yes! Exactly! That’s exactly how I felt when Yoav had a crowdfunding campaign to get picture in Blink and when Agalia had a crowdfunding campaign to get :focus-visible in Webkit. Same energy. adactio.com/notes/18787

Jake Archibald

Again, that was a first experimental implementation, not a catch-up. Everywhere Chrome is installed, folks can use other browser engines. And even then, I do think it reflects badly on Chrome. Banning criticism here just creates a race to the bottom.

Jeremy Keith

Just now: > I’m not taking them to task for accepting the work. Three hours ago: > Please DONATE NOW to the world’s richest company, to help feed their starving browser. adactio.com/notes/18788

Robin Whittleton

Because Blink never receives any external contributions? Fuck me. Get angry at Apple not allowing other browser engines all you want, but you’re better than blaming the point of fucking open source, especially when you’re part of a major open source project yourself.

Robin Whittleton

I fundamentally disagree. The current position of Google’s devrel teams that publicly shitting on the competition is not only OK but a good thing is the tone-deaf idea.

Jeremy Keith

“Banning criticism” …really? Next you’ll be saying that Google is a victim of cancel culture. There is absolutely a race to the bottom going on, I agree with you there. I think you won the race with your mocking off-message tweet. adactio.com/notes/18789


On the contrary, if we don’t criticize them (or especially if we praise them) for soliciting donations for something they could easily pay for themselves, then all we’re doing is further incentivizing them to continue underfunding it when they see the donations rolling in.


Apple systematically underfunds their browser for 10 years while banning the competition, hobbling essential web app features and forcing users and developers to use a buggy and unstable browser.These are the root causes of developer anger.

# Posted by mtom on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 at 10:43pm


Jake really is just echoing our growing discomfort with the entire situation, and publicly bringing it up will hopefully either shame Apple into doing the right thing or bring more attention and galvanize supper for change.

# Posted by mtom on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 at 10:45pm


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