July 26th, 2022

Replying to a tweet from @ChrisFerdinandi

I’m totally with you on mask-wearing.

But I don’t think that Kool-Aid Man-ing into people’s photos will lead to behaviour change.

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Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️

I expressed sadness that no one was wearing them and you went hulk asshole on me, Jeremy. That’s not Kool-Aid manning. You’re just being defensive.

Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️

You know, it didn’t start off that way. I wasn’t like “shame on you Jeremy.” You found it judgy, I’m assuming, because you were actually one of the people not wearing masks, right? That’s the only way this makes sense.

Jeremy Keith

If you think that anyone who disagrees with you is automatically an asshole, then I can understand why you feel such sadness at everyone else’s behaviour. Me, I’d rather assume better of people. adactio.com/notes/19324

Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️

And, I feel sadness that so many people prioritize personal comfort over safety for the most marginalized. It’s REALLY weird to me that you don’t understand that, given what you advocate for in your professional life. Huge disconnect.

Jeremy Keith

Chris, you seem to think I’m advocating for something I’m not. I’m in favour of mask-wearing indoors. But I don’t go around passing judgement on every picture I see of an indoor gathering. It doesn’t help. adactio.com/notes/19325

Jeremy Keith

Chris, you acknowldge yourself that you’re notoriously bad at picking up on vibes. I was trying to let you know that offering unsolicited observations about mask-wearing when people post pictures of happy events is …not helpful. adactio.com/notes/19326

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