Note archive: August 26th, 2019

Replying to a tweet from @cramforce

Is there a URL for where the discussion around “speed assessment via metrics” is happening?

Replying to a tweet from @cramforce

Is there a timeline on when we can expect to see non-AMP pages (with web packaging) getting the same preferential treatment as AMP pages in search?

Replying to a tweet from @cramforce

Oh, yes, I wasn’t suggesting that any pages are ready to be hosted and pre-rendered as they are today—there would certainly need to be some rejiggng done, either by the author or the host.

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Yes, I linked to that in my post.

But this wouldn’t be “arbitrary” content—there would be strict criteria for admission.

It feels like there’s a big spectrum between “arbitrary” and “only AMP”.

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AMP is burning the village in order to save it. It’s far too extreme a step to rebuild everything in a new format.

@cramforce Here’s my proposal for what you requested——for tackling privacy and performance for prerendering non-AMP pages: