Note archive: October 29th, 2019

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The spec is literally the reason why microformats2 didn’t end up using data-* attributes. It isn’t “advice” in the spec; it is the spec. It specifies how data-* attributes should and shouldn’t be used.

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Or in the case of Facebook legitimising Breitbart…

Persuade your team to put commitment above alignment and trust it’ll end up being the alt-right decision.

Ba-doom tish!

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What thread?

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I would like to see it done without data-* attributes.

(But this isn’t about what I would like—it’s about implementing standards correctly.)

HTML isn’t short of existing extension mechanisms: microdata, class, etc.

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…these attributes are not a generic extension mechanism for publicly-usable metadata.*-attributes

Wondering if I know anyone on the Google search team I can chat to about this abuse of data-* attributes:

(this usage is explicitly forbidden in HTML).

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Indeed it would! Thanks for that!

Happy 50th birthday, internet née ARPANET!


“Talked to SRI Host to Host”

— IMP log, 1969-10-29 22:30, Charles S. Kline, Boelter Hall, UCLA